We are busy: Life after wedding

We are busy: Life after wedding
  None of us can forget the wedding day. Life after wedding, the honeymoon period is the best time spent together where the first preference goes to your partner and not friends or your job. But over the period of time we get busy building our career and saving for better future. Do we realize that by running after success and money we are actually loosing a lot of things, in fact a lot more important and beautiful moments with your partner?
      This happens with me and my husband because of our busy schedule. We thought about sharing  few simple tips with you guys  which we try to follow, remember time once gone will never come back again.
  • Spent some time with your wife/husband everyday, talk to each other, share your day with her/him. Most of us have busy schedule in office and by the time we reach back home it will be dinner time.
  • Keep weekends strictly for family. Try not to commit for any boys only or girls only parties on weekends.
  • Plan for small outings and spent some quality time with your partner.
  • This is for the husbands out there, You can help your wife occasionally in kitchen ,trust me this will strengthen the bond between you two.
  • Surprise each other with small gifts and token of love on occasions like birthdays, anniversary,day you met first etc. It would definitely refresh your sweets memories. 😉
  • Difference of opinion is a common in any relation, the best way to sort it out is to respect each other’s view and go on.
  • Patience is the first thing which you need to learn after marriage, even before cooking or managing home 😛
  • Find time to appreciate each other for the little things they have done to keep you happy.
  • Words like honesty, loyalty and trust form foundation for a happy married life.
  • More than anything support, respect and stand for each other.
We are busy: Life after wedding

We are busy: Life after wedding

Hope you guys will remember our tips for a happy living.

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The Spine and heart of theknotstory. We went to watch The Dark Knight Rises and she asked whether the Bat mobile is available in pink :D She is a ex-IBM’er who left job after marriage and thought of doing something on her own. She is a foodie and loves travelling. She does the wedding, beauty, recipe and major part of theknotstory :) She loves shopping, bags, shoes more bags, more shoes and more dresses.

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  1. Anshul

    I feel that if one continues to do things that they used to do in the beginning of the relationship, then there would no end to that relationship. 🙂


  2. Nava Krishnan

    I so agree on spending the weekend together. Though sometimes its impossible because of the nature of my other half’s job. Still, we make an attempt.
    Nava Krishnan recently posted…Sardine RendangMy Profile

    • theknotstory

      I know many couples who meet each other just during weekend even if they stay in the same house 😐

  3. Chic Readings

    These are great tips!:)Sometimes everything becomes routine and we forget to spend more time together which is so important for being happily marries:)

    • theknotstory

      very true , we take few things for granted 🙂

  4. nausheen

    Nice post Laks, tottaly agree wth u 🙂

  5. Lady Lilith

    Lol. Now is where all the changes really happen. And you thought you knew each other 🙂

  6. Lady Lilith

    Great job with keeping weekend for family. We do the same.

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