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We know you are waiting for this one 😀  In case  you missed the first part, read: Life is beautiful (here)

Her story continues 🙂

“One complete semester passed, he didn’t attend even a single society meeting. Since our colleges were in the extreme ends of the semi-circular premise of the university, we could hardly see each other, otherwise. That first glance was not enough to have asked for each other’s handset details 😀  Inquisitive to the core, I asked my Rakhi brother about him, his branch of technology and a little more. Bhai smirked and surprised me with his response. Apparently my Mr. Mysterious had been asking him about me as well. He figured the chemistry between me and bhai.

Next semester had me running to college of veterinary sciences for one of my courses. It used to be a Monday morning class when we would cross each other. He would be rushing to his college from hostel and me from my college to the other. We just exchanged smiles. I have always believed in girls’ sixth sense. But in this case I tried to overlook it everytime I was deducing something as a ‘sign’. I didn’t want any infamous college heartbreaks to throttle me. I would tell myself, ‘what is the big deal in passing smiles? You are just greeting. Basic manners! That’s all.’ But how do you deceive yourself when you see his friends nudging him the moment they spot you somewhere?!

11th DEC 2008 - the day he proposed
11th DEC 2006 – the day he proposed

Autumn had set in and preps were on for the annual fair. Our society had a stall there. A night before the do, I get this call and the person on the other side introduces himself as ‘Ashish’, a senior member of the society and instructs me on certain things that were to be taken care of. While I was asked to report to him the next day, I fell ill and couldn’t make it in the morning. So I asked another member to deliver the stuff to this ‘Ashish Sir’. In the evening she came back with a huge smile. She told me that she met my crush and that his name was Ashish and that he was the one I was supposed to meet today and that he was the one who called me last night. The biggest regret of my life this was. But he sent a chocolate for me. Yes! I still have its wrapper with me. A thank you call went to him and little chit chats and texting began. Not romantic at all. Perhaps we were flirting.

We had still not met. In January 2006 I underwent a controversial ordeal. My name was all over the campus and not for any good reasons. I started getting calls from people who knew me. Some wanted goss while others wanted to believe that I was innocent. In the meanwhile he came to visit me to my hostel. I knew why he had come. I came storming to the gate. Met him and gave him a piece of my mind and went back. The controversy had taken a toll on my confidence and I refrained from being spotted anywhere. I preferred staying indoors. I felt as if all eyes were on me and that everyone is mocking me. It all faded to an extent when over our chit chats he asked me to treat him for I don’t remember what.  The reason didn’t matter even then.

March 10th, 2006. I, who always wore a plain tee with loose baggy denims and chappals, finally let my clutched hair loose and adorned a feminine top and tapering jeans & left the hostel. We met for the first time and that was my first date at the university canteen.

We Accept The Love That We Think We Deserve
We Accept The Love That We Think We Deserve

Life had just gotten rosy. Certainly, this was heading toward becoming a romantic relationship which we would not admit to ourselves. We texted more & didn’t talk much on phone. I met him once for every seven times he asked me to. I was just playing being not-so-available-for-you :p

Then, meetings became frequent but secret; BECAUSE… the two colleges were hard-core rivals when it came to romance and girls. Agri-boys could not deal with the fact that all the university girls found Tech-guys more appealing. They would either boycott their college girl for dating a ‘Techite’ or would make her life miserable by passing nasty comments anytime, every time. We avoided strolling in my college and hostel premise. The university was huge for lovebirds like us.

We Accept The Love That We Think We Deserve
We Accept The Love That We Think We Deserve


With the kind of height difference we have, I had to consider asking mom to get me platform footwear for me next time she visits me. During walks, I fancied asking him, ‘Sir what is the temperature like up there?’  ‘Sir’, that is how we were supposed to address our seniors. The (in)famous pick-up line – “Just call me Ashish” – was slapped on my face too but hopelessly disobeyed. I continued ‘sir sir-ing’ only to make ourselves believe that it was just casual friendship. I wasn’t prepared for anything serious and given the kind of person I am, random flings were never my thing. So precisely, I didn’t know what I was doing but I loved every moment with or without him. I can still recall a lot of dreams I had, featuring him. I loved talking about him with my people.

Time passed and I could see myself getting attached to him emotionally. One hot August noon he said that he wanted to say something to me. I had jitters until I heard him say that he was crushing on me big time. I wanted to either slap him or myself. I thought, ‘of course you have a crush on me idiot. What else do you think makes you wait for me everyday at the hostel gate?’ I got extremely impatient. I decided not to meet him anymore so that he realizes that he might just lose me if he didn’t admit to seriousness about us.

We Accept The Love That We Think We Deserve - Her Story Continues
When we met in Delhi 😉

Not seeing each other was not an easy task, so life got back on the normal course. In October during Diwali holidays I was to visit Dehradun, his hometown, for a state level competition. The tour ended and we were all gathered at the railway station much before time. Suddenly I saw him approaching me. This was unplanned. I was pale and zapped. Since we had time to us, he took me out for a bike ride. We hit the winding road that leads to Mussourie. The evening just became prettier and October 20th etched a milestone in my memory lane. We managed to visit the monastery and Sai Baba temple you have on that road and headed back to the station. My random prayer had me asking God to bless us both, keep us together, forever.”

This was our last date as students of the University..
This was our last date as students of the University..

Picture abhi baaki hain, the story haven’t ended yet. Wait for the last and final part 🙂 Remember, good things always comes in pieces 😛

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We Accept the love we think we deserve..
We Accept the love we think we deserve..
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50 thoughts on “We Accept The Love That We Think We Deserve – Her Story Continues: Real love story

  1. its so filmy.. :p full on masala flick.. sry to use dese words but I got d same feeling.. :p i so wish we could have d other half of d story as well.. I mean wat all was happening at ASHISH SIR’s end.. :p

    1. Hahaha Vivek,
      How i wish i could have his feelings blurted out even to me. I know what will say, “Haan thik tha, acha tha, acha hi lagta tha”
      LOL. I don’t need those insults :p

  2. U R Superb..! Amazing …. Sweetheart !..:)
    I feel honored right now, you know why!…:)
    Vivik is correct Ask Ashish to share his heart beats tooo…. On Demand…. ASHISH!.. ASHISH!….!!!!….:) 🙂 🙂

    1. Hahahahahaha!
      Gawd Shailja!
      You must read what i wrote to Vivek. For his side of the story i guess we need to all meet up and poke him.
      Love you.

  3. Thanks to everyone for reading a chapter from my life. It means a lot to have people appreciate you for whatever reasons. And here i feel a lot of love around me.
    The Knot Story is doing a great job at spreading smiles. Thanks for the opportunity guys.
    No matter how busy and self-centered we get, we all love happiness around and here i see happiness spread unconditionally.
    Cheers to everyone who believes in love and happiness of others.

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