Vitamin B 12 Tablets- All you need to know about it

Vitamin B 12 Tablets

Vitamin B 12 is a water soluble vitamin. It is a constituent of different foods that we consume in our daily lives. This is an essential element to keep our health good.

Often we are unable to find the right amount of Vitamin B 12 from our diet. So, in that case, doctors prescribe to take Vitamin B 12 tablets as dietary supplements.

Vitamin B 12 tablets are often combined with cobalamin, so they are referred as cobalamins.

Role of Vitamin B 12 tablets-

  • Vitamin B 12 tablets help in DNA synthesis.
  • Proper functioning of the neurological system
  • Formation of Red blood cells

Selected Food Sources of Vitamin B12

Food Micrograms (mcg)
per serving
Percent DV*
Clams, cooked, 3 ounces 84.1 1,402
Liver, beef, cooked, 3 ounces 70.7 1,178
Breakfast cereals, fortified with 100% of the DV for vitamin B12, 1 serving 6.0 100
Trout, rainbow, wild, cooked, 3 ounces 5.4 90
Salmon, sockeye, cooked, 3 ounces 4.8 80
Trout, rainbow, farmed, cooked, 3 ounces 3.5 58
Tuna fish, light, canned in water, 3 ounces 2.5 42
Cheeseburger, doubles patty and bun, 1 sandwich 2.1 35
Haddock, cooked, 3 ounces 1.8 30
Breakfast cereals, fortified with 25% of the DV for vitamin B12, 1 serving 1.5 25
Beef, top sirloin, broiled, 3 ounces 1.4 23
Milk, low-fat, 1 cup 1.2 18
Yogurt, fruit, low-fat, 8 ounces 1.1 18
Cheese, Swiss, 1 ounce 0.9 15
Beef taco, 1 soft taco 0.9 15
Ham, cured, roasted, 3 ounces 0.6 10
Egg, whole, hard-boiled, 1 large 0.6 10
Chicken, breast meat, roasted, 3 ounces 0.3 5

*DV = Daily Value. DVs were developed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to help

Vitamin B 12 Tablets

Vitamin B 12 Tablets

Risks associated with Vitamin B 12 consumption-

Vitamin B 12 tablets have specific recommended dietary amount. If it is consumed without doctor’s prescription, then it may have an ill effect on our health. For example-

  • Narrowing of blood vessels
  • Can affect people with cancer
  • People with skin rash or itching or burning may have negative effects
  • Urine discoloration is possible
  • May result in fatally lower potassium levels

Pregnancy and breastfeeding-

Vitamin B 12 is safe if taken according to recommended dietary amounts. But results are not available in case of pregnant ladies taking in higher doses than RDA.

If the mother is breastfeeding her baby, then it is advisable not to take Vitamin B 12 tablets as a dietary supplement as this may harm the development of the baby. It may also result in growth failure and anemia.

Vitamin B 12 Tablets

Vitamin B 12 Tablets

Where to buy-

Vitamin B 12 supplements online buying is a very good option if your doctor has advised you to take Vitamin B 12 tablets. There are several companies who sell Vitamin B 12 supplements online. But before you decide to buy from a particular company, you should find out the reviews of the product of that specific company.

Advisory information-

Vitamin B 12 tablets should not be taken as a substitute for the natural sources of Vitamin B 12. Natural sources are always better than the man-made dietary supplements.

Vitamin B 12 Tablets

Vitamin B 12 Tablets

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