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The day was just like any other day, changing profile picture, forwarding received images, tagging a few whom you know, being tagged by friends etc. I am talking about friendship day. Personally, I don’t feel there should be a day dedicated for friends, because we can’t even think of a day without their thoughts coming through. Everyday is a friendship day for us. Every time when we are happy, excited, moody, depressed, lonely the only person that comes to our mind to share our thoughts are best friends. There are certain things, which we can’t discuss with our parents (maybe we don’t want to hurt them by sharing our problems or maybe they wont understand the situation), but among friends there is no exception. It’s more fun gossiping about enemies with our friends. 😛

Actually, we never choose friends, just like falling in love it just happens. Just that we need to be a bit careful while ‘falling in friendship’.  It doesn’t mean that we are friends with those who have similar characteristics as us. It’s totally wrong; it’s just the comfort zone. Don’t you have disagreement with your best friend? Still you behave as if nothing happened. That’s the power of friendship. From the food choice, ice cream flavors, color choice, favorite hero, movie, song, everything can be of different preference, but still nothing is bothered if it’s a true friendship.

Some are really lucky to have their childhood friends as their best friends. Mostly we loose some friends either because of our/their ego, misunderstanding, jealousy etc. Most of which can be avoided with an open talk, but nobody wants to blink first and they let their ego end a beautiful friendship. For some we are glad that we ended it, but for some even though we hate them, we will cherish those fun moments with them deep in our heart. A ‘sorry’ could have changed everything but sometimes our ego overpowers our emotions.

The only thing that makes a friendship fragile is ‘lies’. If you have to tell a lie, that means she/he is not your best friend. Be honest, nothing can come in between you if you are honest with each other. ‘Will she get hurt if I say so’- having this thought can ruin a friendship. Being honest can break their heart for a moment, but over the long run your bond will get tighter. Just remember one thing nobody is perfect in this world not even you, so let go off those simple faults you see in a friend, and never ever lie to her/him. 
Belated happy friendship day all

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46 thoughts on “Virtual Friendship day – A bit late though!

  1. Lies can destroy a friendship faster than anything… for a good friend who was and is everything to me… I am willing to forgive and get past the ego… life is too short otherwise…

  2. I’ve had many ‘friends’ come and go in life, but only two never left. Those are the only two people that I consider TRUE friends. One of them is even a virtual friend that I’ve never met in real life. But we’ve known each other for almost 13 years, and I consider our friendship very much real.

  3. Yeah…to tell our friends that they are special we dont need any special day! N y even to tell them as they know it well…but sometimes I think that these days give us time to get away from our busy schedule and be with friends! 🙂

  4. Vow.. such a well written article.. Ego is the biggest ruining factor in any relationship/friendship. one shud always make an effort to get things straight. if it still does nt work it was nt meant to be 🙂

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