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Vayalar, the lesser known beauty. When everyone heads to Alleppey, Kumrakom to enjoy backwaters it becomes another mainstream tourist destination. Crowded, too commercial, polluted and without the much needed relaxation. Vayalar, an hour distance from kochi, is this beautiful silent place. Its a small town and in there you get to see Vasundhara sarovar premiere. A serene exotic resort with exquisite Kerala touch everywhere, starting from the architecture & furnishings to every thing.

Vasundhara Sarovar Premiere - Vayalar
Main Lobby- Sarovar Welcomes you with pookalam and theyyam

The main lobby is decorated with the ‘Nettipattam’ (which is used to decorate elephants) and the beautiful fancy umbrellas. Then there was a real life size of ‘Theyyam’, another ritual art from from Northern part of Kerala. You get a warm welcome in typical Kerala style. Since we were there for our cousin’s wedding, the room and all were planned for every couple. We got a beautiful suit on first floor facing the villas, the backwaters and pool.

Vasundhara Sarovar Premiere - Vayalar: Resort Review
The suits facing the backwaters and pool

The room was Big in every manner with a small ‘Thulasithara’ inside the room. Spacious with all modern amenities, modern toilet & washroom, a cozy bed and the tranquility of a Thulasithara inside – the sign of old traditional houses in Kerala. It was more of a sign of prosperity, freshness and beauty.ย ย The perfect stay for a honeymoon couple I must say.

Vasundhara Sarovaram - Vayalar
A small temple inside the resort

Then there’s a luxurious honeymoon suite for the newly wed , which had an awesome pool inside. Then there are the waterfront villas with traditional Kerala architecture and with beautiful interiors.

The entrance to one of the villas
The entrance to one of the villas

There is a villa with multiple rooms and furnished with beautiful Kerala art forms just to add color & decor.

Vasundhara Sarovaram - Vayalar
God’s Own country

Vasundhara Sarovaram - Vayalar

The resort is spacious with lots of water bodies and a pool added to it. There are houseboats and motor boats which you can rent out. There is a small tea shop, the typical “Chaayakada” (kerala Teashop).

Vasundhara Sarovar Premiere - Vayalar
Chayakada – The tea shop
Laks with Katakali inside one of the villas :D
Laks with Katakali ๐Ÿ˜€ : Inside one of the villas

We were at Sarovar for my cousin sister’s wedding. We didn’t get the time to enjoy the luxury thoroughly, but we are a fan of the place already. Sarovar is perfect for a vacation with your dear ones with the right mix of serenity and luxury served in the perfect kerala atmosphere.

Vasundhara Sarovaram - Vayalar
Hotel Lobby

We are in love with this place and planning to enjoy Sarovar thoroughly in our next trip to kerala ๐Ÿ™‚

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