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What are you up to this valentine’s day?  If you are happily married arrange a lovely gift/surprise for your wife, if you are committed go for a romantic date. If you are planning to propose go for it, it’s the right day . Here are some tips from theknotstory  to make the moment special and memorable.

  • Carry a good bunch of red roses. Red roses are girl’s best friend after diamonds 😀
Valentine's Day Proposal
Valentine’s Day Proposal
  • Start the conversation with a sweet note, like a praise, a good joke etc. They always fall for the compliment (Girl or a guy)
  • It’s better to give a hint before you take her out for proposing (to avoid the shock and unexpected reaction 😛 )
  • Make some effort to make personalized gifts, I bet she  would love it. You can carry a diamond ring if it’s a marriage proposal 🙂
Valentine's Day Proposal
Valentine’s Day Proposal
  • Make it special in your own way like singing for her, arranging for an orchestra  or even a single guitar (Not everyone does the Kanye West proposal).
  • Choose the perfect getaway. A long drive, a calm beach, a nice restaurant, at your own home or any of your favorite spot. (Make sure she likes it too)
Valentine's Day Proposal
Valentine’s Day Proposal
  • Most important, what ever you say, do it from the heart 🙂


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