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Overcrowded cities, polluted environment, careless people and spoiled ecosystem, this is what is left of the beautiful places around the world. Amidst the skyscrapers and the crowded streets, people live their daily lives. While some keep it simple and healthy many struggles to stay fit & disease free. One of the most common thing that is consuming today’s world is the dangerous disease called cancer. The number of people died of cancer is increasing rapidly and the only cure which has a decent success ratio is to detect this at an early stage and start treatment. When someone you know had this, that is when you actually start understanding Cancer. I know someone who lost the fight against cancer while I know someone who has won it too.

Detection & Staging:

The earlier you detect, the better it is for starting the treatment. Unlike other diseases, it ain’t that easy to detect. So this person I know, it all started with a growth in the body which they doubted for a tumor. The first thing they did was go to the best cancer hospital in Hyderabad to find out what it is. After initial diagnosis doc prescribed some tests and scan. Once he got the test results & scan, we were eagerly waiting to hear from the doctor and this is one of the difficult parts. There comes the doctor and he says to see an Oncology specialist.

After fixing the appointment with the best oncologist in Hyderabad, he enters the doctor’s room and starts sweating instantly even before the doctor could do anything. He says, the tissue looks cancerous and it is pretty early and so it can be cured. He prescribed some more tests in order to get more details which are required to plan the treatment. This is called staging or identifying how much cancer has spread.

It’s not easy for the patient, neither it’s easy for the doctor. Someone’s life and future are in his hands. All he tries is to make the correct diagnosis to save a life with the right treatment. 

If detected still there are lots of things like what type of a cancer is it? There are different types like throat, mouth, breast, testicles and many. Every day a new form of this is diagnosed at someone living in some part of the world. If cancer is detected, the next step is to go to the best hospital and to the best doctor and show him the results and start the treatment. The treatments for cancer can be Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy along with the surgical removal of the tumor.

The treatment for cancer is not an easy one as and it involves very high power medicines and treatments which may result in hair loss and weight loss. The patient may not look the same way he used to look like, all we can do is to cheer him\her up with positivity and good vibes.

Staying fit and fine may help you to stay away from most diseases, but not cancer. Support to the patient is one of the best parts of the treatment to cure cancer. This helps the patient to stay away from depression, fear, and anxiety which comes with the disease. Constant support and motivation from friends and relatives are also a good medicine for this reduces the pain and agony and also keeps the person motivated to stay healthy.

Cancer is spreading like a wildfire in today’s society and the best thing to do to avoid it is,  to lead a healthy lifestyle and avoid habits like smoking, usage of tobacco and even frequent consumption of junk food. Prevention is better than cure and staying away from tobacco is the easiest thing. Second is to go for regular check-ups. It’s always best to stay healthy, stay fit & stay alert.

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2 thoughts on “Understanding Cancer: Diagnosis and Treatment

  1. Hi Great article.Stomach cancer is also known as gastric cancer, and it starts in the stomach. I’ve read an article about Stomach Cancer. According to the article, Lymphoma is one type of stomach cancer. Is it true?

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