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Ueno is a place in japan where you can spend a whole day doing various activities. There are beautiful temples, shrines, Museums, the zoo, street shopping and yummy food options. This is the reason why I love Ueno. I didn’tΒ find a better place than this for a picnic on a weekend.

This place can be reached by JR line or Asakusa Line (simplest and shortest). Get down at Ueno station, take Ueno park exit (Centrla Park) You walk about 200 meters and you can see the beautiful Central park. It is huge and there are many things around this. Today Ueno Park is famous for the many museums found on its grounds, especially the Tokyo National Museum, the National Museum for Western Art, the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and the National Science Museum.

Why I love Ueno


To start with, you can visits the shrines and temples around this park.

Kaneiji Temple
Kiyomizu Kannon Temple
Toshogu Shrine

Why I love Ueno
One of the Temples
Why I love Ueno
Another View
Why I love Ueno
Architecture marvel

Why I love Ueno

Why I love Ueno
Another Temple near ueno park

These are some of the temples and shrines around this place.

Then there is the famous Ueno zoo which is the home for Giant Panda. There is Polar bear, Tiger, Gorilla, birds and many animals in there. This is one of the good zoo’s which you can visit. There are cofffee shops etc inside the zoo.

Why I love Ueno Why I love Ueno

Ueno is famous for street shopping. This is where you get some good stuff at reasonable prices. Now I won’t say it is very cheap in here. There are some local brands which are cheap and durable. There were shops selling bags, clutches, wallets etc. I have checked in proper brandshops and malls. I have never found a good bacg for 3000JPY, but here everything costed 3000 JPY. Now I don’t know how durable this brand is, but I can see localites buying these stuff.

Why I love Ueno

There are shoes, tshirts, jackets and plenty of things. Now I pefer buying branded shoes mostly, but here I was able to see some good boots, durable ones. The kind you buy and use for long time and throw away. There are shops where you can buy tshirts & jackets for cheap.

There are many restaurants and street food. If you are looking for Indian food, then there is Mantra Cafe, New Delhi, Andhra Kitchen etc near to this place.

If you come in the Cherry blossom season, then you can find the charm of this place. The most beautiful season to visit. Also, there is a Starbucks and a Park side Cafe which are coffee shops in the middle of the park. You can sit there for hours sipping some coffee / tea and enjoying the surroundings and scenery. There are some shows which happen here during the nights, some Light and sound shows.

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