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New year celebration, seeing off the current year and welcoming the coming year is a great deal and another reason to celebrate.  You have ample options like concerts, New year parties, New year cruises etc . Most of these are costly since the organizers go on a  money making spree in a single night since people spend money for good music and great food. Some people plan to spend New year’s eve at exotic locations, away from the rush and crowd. Now what about people with family who don’t want to party among unknown crowd, who would like to party silently spending reasonable amount and also avoiding the risk of drunken driving ?

We at Theknotstory thought about giving some suggestions on celebrating new year a bit differently. Our suggestions are aimed at families celebrating, reducing drunken driving, partying safe, enjoying without annoying your neighbors and more importantly by spending a reasonable amount instead of spending lots of money to party.


Celebrate silent but awesome New year
Celebrate silent but awesome New year

Most of us know about the crowded Goa, but there are some parts in Goa where people celebrate silently, where people like sit silent, sip a Bacardi, read a book and spend some time with their family. There are beaches in Mandrem, Patnem, Palolem, Agonda etc which are silent. You don’t see the party going crowd here, instead you will see people who come to relax, sip a drink, watch sunset, kite surfing etc. These are places where you can celebrate with your family peacefully and are not costly, crowded and crazy like the normal ones.

You can even have silent parties at home where you can party and later sleep and yes dance to awesome music too. Most people do not prefer to celebrate at home because of the restriction to play loud music. There are parties were 100 of people dance with no music to be heard. Well, this is done by using wireless headsets and channeling the music to them. Play music from a device with wireless hot spot, connect the headsets to the device wireless and party is on. These kind of parties can be kept at home with your friends and your neighbor will never know which song were you dancing to. (Yes we are well read technically sound people 😛 )

Celebrate silent but awesome New year
Celebrate silent but awesome New year

These kind of parties are safe and with proper planning, No drunken driving, no risk for girls, no need of hunting for food, paying double for drinks, no wastage of money and you can sleep over where you are partying (ideally). While organizing these kind of parties plan in advance, decide budget, arrange a cook, collect the necessary things, plan for some party games & entertainment, have fun.

These are some suggestions from us, wait for more in coming days 🙂

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