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Hope you all have heard about the story of a frog in boiling water. If not it goes like this, if a frog is placed in boiling water, it will jump out immediately, but if it is placed in cold water that is slowly heated, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death. This is not only the story of a frog; it resembles a lot to human beings especially married ones.

Marital fights and argument are nothing new. For all these centuries it has been a part of life. Women blame it on men and vice versa. A healthy argument is good for a relationship; it shows how free you are to open up your mind. But there are a lot of cases where spouse have to suffer, only because they can’t come out of the marital knot. Why do you have to tolerate your spouse each and every day if you can’t stand him/her?

Lot of suggestions and solution are there to lead a happy married life, but there are certain situations where you need to get out of the bond. Or else your life is going to be just like that frog in the boiling water. Small arguments and disagreements can be sorted out but you need to let go off the hand which hurts you purposely.

Troubled relations: Fix it or Walk away!
Troubled relations: Fix it or Walk away!

There are certain issues in troubled relations where you should definitely rethink about moving away, like:

  • Infidelity: Never be with a spouse who cheats on you. There is no excuse to a person who cannot stay committed. Cheating itself is a sign that he/she doesn’t love you anymore .So he/she doesn’t deserve you too. You don’t have to cling on with her/him just because you loved them once.
  • Physical or psychological abuse: The psychological abuse some husbands suffers is as horrific as woman being physically abused. Having said that, your spouse has no right that he/she could physically abuse you. Do you really want to spend the rest of your life with someone who humiliates you or your family and embarrass you in front of others? Respect and love goes hand in hand, if he/she can’t respect you they doesn’t love you either.
  • Lack of love: Some marry just because of his/her parental pressure. Mostly after marriage they may start loving each other. But there are some cases where you are just a trophy wife/husband. It’s as if two strangers are living under the same roof, no fun, no laughter, just few casual talks. Maybe some of our ancestors have lived such lives, but do we need to follow it and live an adjustment life throughout our lifetime? Here, we shouldn’t confuse with lack of love and lack of expressive love. Some do carry lot of love in their heart but doesn’t know to express it, spare them 😉

    It’s always easy to break a relationship, but very hard to mend it. We should definitely forgive and forget each others small mistakes. But at the same time we should be wise and have self esteem. If you are in wrong marriage, you can either spend rest of your life staying in that marriage hoping for a miracle or just let go all those worries and start a new life afresh. The choice is yours!
    Troubled relations: Fix it or Walk away!
    Troubled relations: Fix it or Walk away!

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15 thoughts on “Troubled relations: Fix it or Walk away!

  1. right said..We should try and ignore petty issues but should be wise enough to understand where to let it go… loved going through the article

  2. I know a lot of people who do not take the big step of walking away even when they are in a loveless marriage. 🙁 I wish they realize that nothing is above their self esteem.

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