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Trekking is a hobby for many, for some, it is an experience and for us, it was much more. A group of 6 including a 7-year-old kid wanted to spend a long weekend away from the real world and came to the hills of Himachal Pradesh. There were all the regular options which every family with a little kid chose, but we chose the road less traveled and decided to trek to Triund and camp there overnight. What better way to experience and feel the nature up close than sleeping in the lap of it.

Triund trek is considered easy compared to many other treks, but it was a challenge for us. For many of us, this was the first proper trek while most of us had forgotten our way to stay fit.

Triund Trek:

We started on our adventure on Friday morning 9 am. Triund is above Mcleodganj and there are many places from where you can start the trek.
Option 1: From Mcleodganj (10kms)
Option 2: Dharamkot – 7.5kms – Someone who stays here can start from here, but I won’t suggest since you have to walk through road along with vehicles.
Option 3: Bhagsu Nag (9kms approx) – Most of the group trekking start from here, but again it is not entirely a trail but a mix of road and trail with lots of traffic.
Option 4: Gallu Devi Temple – The best starting Point. This is at a distance of 6.5 km from Triund and this is where the trail actually starts.

Triund trekking trail
The trail getting steeper- Triund

We choose to start from Gallu Devi Temple. From there the trekking terrain starts with small climbs across the hills. It’s best to use a stick or a long umbrella to balance while climbing. Once you start the climb from Gallu Devi the first 4.5 km is much easier compared to the last 2 km stretch. The difficult terrain starts from the last 1.5 km climb out of which 1km is a steep climb. We were tired and our body started giving up in the last stretch. Even the small backpack we carried felt a lot heavier than it was.

We trying to smile after the trek 😛

We started our trek at 10:45 am. We were 6 including a kid, a fit soul and 4 unfit souls :D. The fit soul went at his speed and he completed the whole trek in 1:45 minutes while 5 of us initially crawled as per the kid’s pace and stopped at places. After some time I and Laks started walking a bit faster than our friends and their kid as they didn’t want us to slow down & loose our pace. Two unfit souls completed the trek in 4 hrs and the last 1.5km we had a tough time while the family with kid completed an hour after us. The kid had a bit more difficult time because of altitude difference, but she did it well and finished the trek. By 4 pm we all were at Triund camp.

Beautiful Triund
Sunset- Triund

Throughout the trek the scenery was beautiful and that itself was a motivation to move forward. My suggestion is to have a good breakfast before you start the trek and make sure you are done with major toilet programs since there are not many camps with toilet facilities. The one we booked had a dry toilet tent which helped us a lot. Make sure not to walk on the edge and also to walk at a constant pace (not too fast then slow). Also, try not to sit anywhere in the beginning since you can save time and energy in the initial phases by walking at a decent pace. There will be donkeys with loads on the way and make sure you stick to a safer area & not the ledge to give way for them. There are many shops which sell snacks, Maggi, momos, cold drinks, energy drinks etc but it is better not to eat too much during the trek.

The mandatory one with maggi 😀


  • You can book tents through people in Mcleodganj or shopkeepers near Gallu Devi or Dharamkot or even through the hotel you are staying.
  • We booked 2 quadruple tents which cost 1800 per tent. Only the tents which were booked through the guy we booked had dry toilet facility. No one else had any arrangement for toilet (which is needed especially for women)

Trekking down was much easier and we completed our trek back to Gallu Devi in half the time we took to reach Triund.

Trekking back to Gallu Devi

Things to do in Triund:

  • Discover the foggy hilltop along with colorful tents set up
  • Soak in nature, play hide and seek with the snowy mountains which disappear in fog in every now and then.
  • Be friends with the dogs, donkeys, and cows grazing near your tent.
  • Lay on the rock and watch millions of stars in the sky. The most beautiful scene ever!
  • Click thousands of pics.

Things NOT TO DO in Triund: ( We encountered these during our trek to Triund)

  • Avoid using loudspeakers and playing your favorite songs for the whole Triund.
  • DO NOT throw waste in the beautiful grassland outside your tent. Try to bring back the plastic wastes while trekking down.
  • DO NOT shout and be a nuisance for fellow travelers.
  • Avoid using loud speakers while trekking and also not to look at your phone will trekking.
  • Please refrain from taking selfies while walking or even from the ledge.

    Triund Hill Top

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Selfie attempt 😛 Triund

View from our tent – Triund
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2 thoughts on “Triund Trek- A Must do when in Dharamshala Mcleodganj

  1. Perfect getaway destination for long weekend…i love trekking and camping both and this had both of the options… Thank you for sharing Details..

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