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When the travel bug bites you there is only one cure, pack your bags and head out to explore. While we travel together mostly, he is an avid traveler for work. He is the master of sporadic travel, travels to the US on such short notice and ease than we plan & travel domestically. Traveling overseas for work is regular, but when we are traveling with the last minute plan, you still need time to make sure you haven’t missed anything. International travel needs some planning to make sure you have everything necessary in the new country.

The First and foremost thing is the Visa. Wherever you are traveling, you should be having Visa stamped on your passport which is the only way you are allowed to enter that country. Some countries have a short time single entry visas while many other have multiple-entry visas.

Air Tickets: Last minute air-tickets are expensive, but there are chances you may get reasonable ones too. Something which you should do while looking for air-tickets is to use the browser in “Cognito” mode or “private” mode. If you are looking for air-tickets in the normal mode, the sites have a habit of using session information. They show the prices as per that or in short since it is a necessity for the user the prices may vary when someone is opening the same site from the same browser multiple times a day. When you open “incognito” or “Private mode” the tracking options are not available and so when you search the tickets this way you may get to see the actual rates with less deviation unless you are booking too close to the travel date.

Forex: Forex is another important thing which has to be handled carefully. It is not just about withdrawing money or swiping the forex card, but about tracking the spend easily. We use different forex cards and for the past 2, 3 years, we have been sticking to one only from Axis bank.  We do online shopping and travel with the same card. Axis forex cards are much easier to use and track your spend.

Once you have these things ready along with international roaming or a travel prepaid sim you are ready to travel. It’s pretty simple when you know what to do and how to do. Reaching the airport on time is another important thing, especially when you are traveling from Metro cities like Delhi, make sure to reach well before the time at least 3hrs before take-off time.

Many of us don’t like reaching early at the airport & spending time while some people are ok with it and they say it is interesting. We are very particular about time and we always try to reach the airport early. Last time this guy had to go through the long line for Immigration – Security check. After an hour and thirty minutes, he was done with the check-in all tired but was happy that he reached early and had some time to refresh before boarding the flight.

Lounge Access at airports is a big perk and when it is free, it’s a big advantage for travellers. We use our Axis Titanium card which has very good perks including the free lounge access. After the security check-in, you can head straight to the ITC lounge in T3 and utilize the free lounge access using credit card (Axis debit card also used to have it). The free lounge access is a relief at times like this when you had been standing in line for an hour and you get to relax in one of the massage chairs. Grab a beer and eat some dinner before boarding the flight. This is actually a big advantage for every traveller. The free lounge access is available in different airports across the country and internationally. There are lounges at airports you are transiting too. One way is to make sure you have a list of the lounges which you can access while traveling. You can get this list from your card site or even in the airport website.

These are some tips which make our travel easy & interesting. You can try these small tips and make your travel easier.  We have given you the shortcuts to make your unplanned last minute trips hassle-free.


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