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Can’t find your keys every other morning? Can’t find your passport before a trip? We all struggle to get organised sometimes, but some simple preparation can help you to stay on track.

We’ve compiled five organising tips to help you improve your organisation skills at home. From keeping a housekeeping checklist to offering useful storage solutions, take a look and enjoy making your home into shape today.

  • Make it a habit – As it takes a few days to form a habit try targeting the one thing you’re always loosing (like car keys). Make a conscious effort to put it back in the same place every time, preferably in a sensible spot in the house: vitamins by the glasses, keys by the door, coats on a hook or stand. Eventually, it will become a habit and you’ll never need to turn the house upside down before work to track down your keys again.
  • Take ten minutes – Many of us absolutely hate tidying and completing household chores. If you too feel this way then divide all those pesky tasks into ten minute blocks of cleaning. Every day, do something small like wiping around the bathroom sinks or sweeping the floors. You’ll feel a huge sense of achievement without having to spend hours of cleaning or organizing. It can help to divide tasks among days of the week using a housekeeping checklist so why not write one up? This housekeeping checklist from Cleanipedia splits cleaning duties into daily and weekly requirements.
  • Get billing – Although it seems like a mammoth task, computerizing your finances can save your time in long run. It will make budgeting much clearer and you’ll have them easy to hand and sorting the finances won’t seem like chore.
  • Maximise space – when you feel like you’re tripping over your belongings every five minutes, it’s impossible to feel organised. There are plenty of great storage solutions out there, but it’s important to find the ones that work for you. A simple way to free up some space is to transfer your CDs and DVDs into plastic storage wallets – just be sure that you don’t want to sell them before throwing away the cases, In the kitchen, swap round storage containers for square ones so they stack easily, saving tonnes of space.
  • Prioritize – In the rush of everyday life, it’s easy to mislay vital items that you only use occasionally. Avoid the stress of tracking down your passport from whichever ‘safe place’ you decided to keep it in last time and designate a special place for really important items. Passports, driving licences, cheque books and birth certificates can all be stored out of sight in a secure safe. Another priority you’ll always want handy is a first aid kit. Keep essentials like antibacterial cream and plasters in your bathroom cabinet or under the stairs so it’s already ready when you need it.

Follow these five simple organisation tips and your home will soon be one step closer to being the same haven you’ve always desired. You a find it a bit difficult early on but once these new habits have been practiced a few times you’ll find it much easier to stay organised and save time at home.

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