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Most of us might have been to Bangalore and the city is on our top list to live just because of the beautiful weather and vast career opportunities.  This is the reason why Bangalore has a big number of people from other states. An outstation trip is good to escape from the crowded city on a weekend & also to enjoy the beautiful attractions around Bangalore. There are many Must Visit Places in Karnataka apart from Bangalore, with hill stations, beaches, historical monuments and many more. Below are some of the top must-visit places in Karnataka-

Coorg- Coorg is one of my favourite destination in South India. This city has got the name ‘Scotland of India’ just because of the scenic beauty of Coorg. There are a number of places to visit in Coorg like The Abbey Falls, Buddhist Monastery in Kushal Nagar, Dubare Elephant camp, Raja’s Seat and many more. Read more about Coorg here.

There are a number of Homestays which you’ll get at reasonable rates. You can also check Coorg Resorts for a more relaxed stay option

Coorg is approximately 245 km from Bangalore.


Hampi- Hampi is an underrated city in Karnataka according to me. This beautiful town which is also UNESCO’s World Heritage Site has lots of history to share. You’ll find temples, sculptures and forts with brilliant architectural excellence in Hampi.

The ancient temple ruins which you’ll see across Hampi belongs to Vijayanagara Empire.

The 7th century’s Virupaksha Temple, Vijaya Vittaya Temple, The Musical Pillars, are just some of them. If you are someone who loves to explore ancient architecture Hampi must be the top place to visit be on your list.

Hampi is approx. 350 Km from Bangalore.

Mysore- Mysore is another beautiful city in Karnataka. You’ll find the Mysore Palace, the pride of Mysore standing tall in the middle of the city. Mysore Palace was Built by Wodeyar king in the 14th century but later it was invaded by many including Tipu Sulthan.

Mysore is also known as the city of palaces as there are a number of beautiful palaces in the city.

Apart from these the main attractions of Mysore are Brindavan Garden, Mysore Zoo, Chamundi Hills etc.

When you visit Mysore do remember to shop some aromatic spices and Traditional Mysore Silk sarees from here.

Mysore is approx. 150 Km from Bangalore.


Chikmangalur- Chikmangalur is a beautiful hill station with many trekking trails and beautiful waterfalls. Adventure seekers can do trekking to Mullayanagiri, Baba Budangiri, Kudremukh National Park etc. Hebbe Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Chikmangalur.

So what are you waiting for? Plan a weekend trekking and exploring Chinkmanglur.

Chikmangalur is 250 Km from Bangalore.

Bandipur National Park- Bandipur National Park is a Tiger Reserve situated around 80 km from Mysore. During the wildlife safari, you’ll find Elephants, Deer, Wild Boar and also tiger if you are too lucky.

Bandipur is approx. 230 km from Bangalore

Gokarna- Gokarna is the new Goa! You can enjoy the picturesque view of sunset and beaches with less crowd in Gokarna.  The main beaches to visit in Gokarna are Om Beach, Kudle Beach, Gokarna Beach, Half Moon Beach and Paradise Beach and most of them have shacks in the beach which give you the feel of Goa.

Gokarna is known for the famous Mahabaleshwar Temple. It is considered as a holy city with an importance in Hindu mythology.

Gokarna is approx. 550 km from Bangalore.

Dandeli- The adventures seekers can plan a quick weekend getaway to Dandeli. You can go for a thrilling whitewater rafting experience in Dandeli.

Jog Falls- Jog Falls is one of the popular attractions in Karnataka. It is one of the highest waterfalls in India with a height of more than 250 meters.

Apart from these there are one-day tour options from Bangalore like Nandi Hills, Shivanasamudra waterfalls, Lal Bagh, Cubbon Park etc

So these were some of the must-visit places in Karnataka. If you are someone who is living in Bangalore you can easily plan a road trip to these places. People outside Karnataka can fly down to Bangalore and drive to your chosen destination. Do plan your trip in advance for cheaper air tickets.

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