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The perfect traditional wedding is simply incomplete without a flower girl who will strut her way in front of the bride, throwing flower petals, turning the ceremony in the most romantic day in the lives of the couple and perhaps some of the guests. When people think about flower girls, they see a cute girl in a romantic, light colored dress and that is about that. Well, it is not. There are tons of flower girl accessories out there that can make the whole ceremony even more beautiful.

1. Rose details for the dress

There is nothing quite as romantic as roses so why not include the roses in the flower girl outfit? Artificial roses that are made of silk or of organza can be easily made or bought and attached to the back of the flower girl dress. They are gorgeous details that will also be loved by the flower girl herself.rose

2. Hair flowers

Flower decorations in the hair of the flower girls or attached to their dresses will make for a truly romantic and spring-like feel for the wedding. You can go with fresh flowers or you can use artificial ones made from silk or some similar material. Flower details are perfect for outdoor weddings. If possible, it is a good idea to match the flowers used for decorations with the ones that the flower girls will be wearing.stylish-Hair-Flower-for-girls-16

3. Ribbon bracelets

One flower girl accessory that always meets a giant smile from the flower girls is a ribbon bracelet. It can match the dress but it does not have to and it can have added elements such as little flowers or something similar. These bracelets will make the flower girls feel even more beautiful and they are just perfect for any wedding.brce

4. Flower baskets and bags

Some people think that there is not much choice and possibility in the world of flower girl baskets and bags. Well, they are wrong. When it comes to flower girl baskets and bags for your wedding, there is so much choice that you are going to lose yourself trying to find the perfect one. Perhaps it is a gentle satin bag in lavender color; perhaps it is a handcrafted flower basket made from a vintage hat; perhaps it is a fancy basket that will make everyone gasp as your flower girl walks by them. It is all up to you.57e2ae88c9afd42d788623eb8c8f2967

5. Long-stem flowers

Who says that flower girls can only throw petals on the floor? They can do so much more and one of the more relaxed and beautiful alternatives is for your flower girls to be handing out whole, long-stemmed flowers to the people who are sitting left and right of the aisle. Once they all have flowers in their hands, the entire ceremony will pop, especially the walk of the bride down the aisle.flow

6. Headbands

If you are going for a vintage feel with your wedding, there is one accessory that you simply need to have for your flower girls. We are talking, of course, about headbands that just scream vintage and that your flower girls will also love. There are so many designs and types to choose from that you will undoubtedly be able to find something perfect for your wedding.

7. Tiaras

Girls love tiaras; there is no two ways about it. It is one of those eternal truths around which the universe revolves and if you are looking to make your flower girls the happiest girls in the world, you should have some tiaras for them that they can put on their heads and feel like princesses.weddingideas0439


Guest Post by: Ann Harris

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45 thoughts on “Top 7 Flower Girl Accessories

  1. My nephews and my fiance’s niece are going to be our flower boys and girl, but I’m just going to let their parents decide what they want them to wear. I don’t really care, lol πŸ™‚

  2. Great ideas and yes please with roses alongside with the flower hair bands. Just attended a couple of weddings last weekend and sure saw some of the trend there.

  3. Such a cute compilation! I didn’t have flower boys or girls, neither I had a maid of honor, because it is not a tradition in my country πŸ™‚

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