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Planning your own wedding is an extremely complex and frustrating process. There are numerous things you should keep in mind, from renting a ceremony venue, hiring professional vendors, sending invitations to making your guests comfortable. However, if you aren’t a fan of huge and crowded weddings, maybe there is a way to avoid all these pricey and exhausting procedures.
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you got married somewhere far away? Getting married while surrounded with family and closest friends, without irritating loud music and crowd is something every couple dreams of. The specter of numerous dream-like wedding destinations, from picturesque mountains, rustic vineyards to hot sandy beaches, has never been as accessible as now is. If you like the idea, check out these breath-taking wedding destinations.
Romantic Italy: Tuscany
If you have always dreamt of rustic and romantic wedding, surrounded by dazzling landscape, maybe Tuscany is a perfect site for you. Situated in central Italy, this fairytale-like region can offer you an exciting mixture of magnificent 15th century art and architecture and intoxicating landscape covered with thousands of vineyards, olive groves and green hills. Tuscany is a home of numerous famous tourist destinations, such as Florence, Pisa, Sienna, Lucca and so on. Apart from splendid natural beauty, you and your guests will have an amazing opportunity to experience real meaning of dolce vita. Intoxicating Italian wines and eminent finger-licking cuisine will unveil a whole new world in front of you. If you want to get married in Tuscany, maybe you should do that in May, September or October, when temperatures are optimal.

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Exciting Caribbean: Bermuda
One of the most fascinating Caribbean destinations is Bermuda. If you have always dreamt of perfect exotic wedding, you should definitely consider it. Heavenly pink-sand beaches isolated from noise, rich vegetation and crystal clear water are waiting for you. Either you would like a casual or classy tropical wedding, Bermuda is a great solution for you. Your guests won’t be bored too. Apart from rich history and tradition and beautiful pastel-hued houses, they will have a rare opportunity to visit amazing botanical garden and scuba dive among numerous reefs.

Chilly Colorado: Aspen
Many couples would like to plan an idyllic winter wedding. Is there anything more beautiful than getting married surrounded by high mountain tops and undisturbed nature covered by snow? If you think that such landscape is present only in pictures, you are terribly wrong. Aspen is one of places which will provide you with such experiences. This gorgeous city attracts numerous tourists with its spectacular mix of rustic beauty, vibrant nature and graceful mountains and valleys. There are numerous elegant ballrooms that will make your wedding sophisticated. If you want to create a perfect winter wedding in Aspen, you should definitely do that during any winter’s month.

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Green Ireland
If you want to say your “I do” in a real fairytale-like surroundings, you should definitely do that in Ireland. This amazing European country is famous for its green rolling hills, gigantic cliffs rising from the ocean, hospitable and magnificent seaside villages and breath-taking castles that have been preserved for centuries, shrouded with the morning mist. In Ireland, every bride will feel like a real princess- even your personal chariot will be waiting for you. Visiting grand castles, museums, imposing churches and rustic pubs, both you and your guests will be overwhelmed by the 15th century spirit. If you want to experience the full beauty of Ireland, you should plan your wedding somewhere in between May and September.

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Thailand: A real Heaven on Earth
In the last decade, Thailand has become one of the most popular exotic destinations. Have you ever imagined how Paradise looks like? If you haven’t, maybe you should visit Thailand and you’ll know. Soft white sand under your bare feet, turquoise ocean and long beaches isolated from urban areas are just one aspect of this amazing exotic country. Apart from having the time of your life and recharging batteries surrounded by absolute luxury, you will also have an opportunity to learn something about Thai rich history and culture, which have been preserved for centuries. This extraordinary fusion of exciting landscapes, sunny beaches that are a real wonder of nature, flamboyant wildlife, numerous imposing Buddhist temples and wild nightlife offers something for every visitor. Most importantly, you can get married there any time you wish.
Wedding is supposed to be one of the most significant and unforgettable moments in your entire life. That is why you need to make it unique and flawless. If you have always wished to have a special wedding that will stay carved in your memory forever, maybe one of these five destinations is perfect for you. Be creative, spoil yourself and celebrate with your dearest ones! Enjoy!

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  1. Love destination weddings. I would love Tuscany, Thailand and Bermuda too. Not to get married but to travel and explore. Hope you have been well.

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