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My life and my happiness revolve around my parents, my husband and the most important person of my life, my nephew. I can say that the most memorable moments of my life (apart from our honeymoon 😉 ) are the moments spend with my nephew. I just feel light and free from all the tensions and responsibilities of life when I’m with him.

It was his 4th birthday, I wanted to gift him something special. Even though I was ready with his favorite toy, I felt like doing something more for him. Out of the blue I got an idea, why not celebrate it as a social media black out day, a day away from virtual world. I decided not to use any social network or any social media app that day. To be very honest it wasn’t an easy decision as my mobile has become an inevitable part of my life  😛 So I started preparing for it a day before. I updated my status that I will be offline for a whole day, mainly because I don’t want my friends and relatives to freak out. 😀 So exactly at 12 midnight I disabled my internet connection..Phew..

Hard but not impossible, specially when you have your favorite people around you, I made up my mind that I’ll dedicate my whole day to my nephew and I wont allow anything to distract me. The day started with a tight hug and loads of kisses to the birthday boy 😀 

You wont believe the entertainment and joy we had that day. I had an awesome time with him. I never knew that I can be so kiddish when I am with kids. Literally I forgot about my age :D. I took a day off spend my whole day at home cooking his favorite meal, reading his favorite stories, cycling, indoor games, outdoor games, hide and seek, we fought, we shopped …..the list continues. The whole day was a new experience for me.I never saw him so excited before. I even forgot that there is an untouched phone in my purse 😀

No matter how much money you spend on children, it won’t be as valuable as the time you spend with them. The time you are spending with them is just priceless. Its their  happiness which motivates us 🙂

That was one of the most memorable days of my life . The time we spent with our loved ones are the best time spent and those are the memories worth keeping. Those memories are the motivation for us to dream and achieve.

When you feel everything is going against you,when you feel helpless and powerless its  your family who supports and motivates you, together you can win the battle of life 🙂

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