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Just imagine your best friends or cousins or siblings are coming over this weekend to stay with you. Yup… I can see the spark on your face 😛  It’s like an energy booster for us when someone we love come and stays with us. In their case we don’t have to be prepared. They just love us and our home the way it is.
But this is not the case when we have formal guests like acquaintances, colleagues etc,we need to be prepared.  It’s not about impressing them, but we need to make them feel comfortable. to be a perfect host few things are to be taken care of:

• First and foremost clean the guest room. Often guest room is ignored during the routine cleaning as it is rarely used room. So before your guest arrives open up the windows and let the fresh air come through.
• Change the pillows and bed sheets and keep a towel for them.
• You can place fresh fragrant flowers or incense candle to make the room refreshing.
• You may place some magazines or books for them.
• Make sure that AC, fan, lights, geyser etc are in working condition.
• Don’t forget to keep a mosquito repellent, flash light and a bottle of water before they go to bed.
• Don’t forget about the bath essentials like tissues, extra soap, shampoos and all the utilities. Make sure the plumbing is working properly.
• Lot of people has the habit of using toilet slippers, so you can place one on the mat.
• Before cooking check whether they are allergic to any kind of food 
• Make sure you provide meals as per their timings; many have the habit of eating food on correct time.
• If the guests are aged, provide them with blankets. 
• If the guests are from other states or foreign countries you can accompany them for outings or shopping (if you have time) rather than arranging guides or travel agencies.
• Try to keep up the timing, it’s not good to waste others time.
• As a token of love and gratitude, you may gift them a box of chocolate, curios, souvenirs or something special which belongs to your city while they leave, it needn’t be a costly one.

Lets just try to make their visit a memorable one. Make sure that you provide all these to those guests whom you love, because if it’s an annoying guest they will think of a reason to visit you often.;). 
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24 thoughts on “To be a perfect host

  1. Lovely tips! the most imp of them all I think is serving them food according to their
    I remember an aunt of mine use to serve us lunch at 3:00 pm as that was her time to eat and we literally use to starve!

    1. OMG!!! Shivi pls don’t remind me of such people, even i have experienced such things. Now that i know about it i always carry some snacks in my bag 😀

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