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Being born and brought up in coastal area of Kerala, hardly 5-10 mts drive from my home and if you ask how often I go to beach I’ll have to grin. It’s like we don’t value it when we have it so nearby. The best thing about beaches is that you can either be alone having a serene time watching the waves or else you can have a masti full –on party with your friends. I do love beaches, but we rarely goes by ourselves, we take our friends or relatives whenever they gives us a visit.

You should never be unprepared while going to beaches. At least you need to take note of some important stuff before you leave home.

beach vacation
beach vacation

beach vacation

  • When it comes to beach wear, avoid white or plain color dress and hard core cotton dress. The minimal the better you could enjoy in water, but being in India you should have a second thoughts(I’m not talking about Goa).. 😛 Wear linen, silk, polyester etc as it can get dried up soon.
  • Don’t even dare to wear high heels or else you will be dragging yourself even after you friends are in the water. Flip-flops are your best friends on the beach.
  • The best time to visit beaches are in the early morning or in the evening, but still you shouldn’t forget to apply sun screen. You may not find it sunny, but you can notice the tan later. So its better to be prepared
  • When you are with a gang, some of your friends may not be as excited as you in the waves, they might want to chill out at shores. So ask them to bring a good book to read, a mat to soak up in the sun, a hat or a scarf etc.
  • Take a carry bag with you; you never know what all cute unwanted things you can dig from a sea shore.
  • A can of water can be kept in the car, so that you can wash your feet before entering the car..(This is optional unless you are having OCD or your husbands car is brand new ) 😀
  • Bring a lot of water to drink, you’ll get dehydrated easily when having fun at beaches. And don’t forget to bring something to munch on.
  • Last but not the least- beg, borrow or steal a  DSLR 😀 . You never know what magic it does. A beautiful beach deserves a DSLR.
    beach vacation
    beach vacation

    So any time when you are planning for a beach outing, do remember these.

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18 thoughts on “Tips while you plan a beach trip

  1. Hi Jini,
    Thanks for sharing such wonderful tips, your tips are really helpful, especially to the people who are planning for a beach outing for the first time.
    Keep sharing such useful tips.

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