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Most bachelors and young couples like ‘Hey lets go for a trip’ and they pack their bag with whatever comes in their hand and off they go. There is no last minute’s tension or hurry buries for them, but when have kids its never the same. Vacation with kids needs extra planning, extra luggage and extra effort. There is a whole new responsibility on your shoulder, so you should be well prepared. Many says that vacation is impossible with kids. We won’t agree with it, just that you have to be a bit pre-planned and take care of some important things like :

  • First and foremost is a medicine kit. You would know what all the emergencies your child may face. Whether it’s about their allergy or any common health issue. A medicine kit always helps you to avoid last minutes pharmacy search.
  • Extra pair of dresses than the usual. At home either they’ll spill food or puke and we change their clothes every now and then. This doubles when they travel as they are not used to travelling often. . Just don’t bother about the dirt let them enjoy in the soil after all they are on vacation. Don’t forget to carry light weight ones.
  • Always store food be it snacks, fruits or precooked food. You don’t want to waste your time searching for good hotel every now and then. Children get frustrated when they are hungry which will affect the trip. So be prepared with snacks to munch on during travel.
  • Don’t forget to pack a couple of their favorite toys, make sure you pick the tiny ones you don’t want to carry a huge baggage to fit their toys.
  • Never make any last minute change of plan, stick to your pre-planned travel schedule. Having an adventurous surprise trip is not a good idea when you are travelling with kids. Make sure you prebook everything in advance like travel and stay.
  • Be prepared with games and other fun activities with them on your journey so that they won’t get bored. Try to keep them engaged in some sort of fun games.
  • Its Ok if they throw tantrums once in a while, you don’t have to bother about how others are staring at them. Let the kids enjoy their trip in their own way. Where ever they are always keep and eye on them.
  • Teach your kids well in advance what to do if they get lost in crowd. Like approaching a policeman, placing a slip with your contact number in their pocket. Just to be safe.Traveling with kids is not as tiring/hectic as you think; just a good planning is required. After all it’s the kids who bright up the atmosphere of your trip, nothing is as much fun as a family trip
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