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We all get excited by the word party and how exciting it is to organize a fun party at home. You have the birth of your loved one and you’re organizing a secret birthday party a home. But it’s not all that easy as we think, organizing a party at home all by yourself can turn out to be a headache. But if you have someone to help you in each step then planning a party at home is a cake walk for you. DholDhamaka does exactly the same. It’s a company in Gurgaon which is an e-commerce portal for products and a marketplace for services in all areas of Parties or any other event. They provide cost effective products for your parties which includes everything starting from Costumes, Gifting, Games, Music, Décor and other Fun Stuff

. Below are few tips which you can follow while you organize a house party.

  • First and the foremost, be part of the discussion when planning house party so that later you need not crib about your favorite drink/ food/ games missing.
  • Keep a detailed meeting with them on your requirements.
  • Have a clear idea about the party theme. Once the theme is fixed you can discuss about supplies like cake, costumes, games or whatever ideas you have in your mind. 
  • Select classy and attractive party decorations according to the Birthday party theme. Kids would love interesting wall decor loads of balloons and stickers.
  • If there are kids party you can arrange kids party games. Don’t forget to arrange interesting gifts for the winners. They had load of option for gifting. 
  • A good music system is a must for a house party. Be ready with a CD or pen drive with some great songs, and please select those songs which everyone present in the party can enjoy and dance on.
  • When you decide the menu for drinks and food, make a list of items which every one can enjoy.Always make a menu which is yummy but easy to prepare.
  • When you arrange a party outdoor in your courtyard or lawn make sure its gonna be a pleasant climate, during extreme summers, winters or during heavy monsoon its better to keep the party indoor.

Make you house parties fun and tension free 🙂

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    Yup! I have been to this website and had been visiting for quite sometime now. Been partying with this website’s products since past 2 years 🙂

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