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Anyone can buy a house, but to make it a home you need to set it up the right way. That is the most difficult thing, especially when it comes to the furniture. There are plenty of options in furniture,but not all of them provide the best service and satisfaction. Availability is most important, the more the reach its easier to maintain and avail service. Durian is one of the reliable brands in furniture market. They have an awesome website where you can purchase furniture online.

About Durian:

Durian is an International furniture brand since 1981. Durian has a legacy and the ability to create a better lifestyle in the interior space. From being the pioneers in veneer business to being the leading infrastructure company and a lifestyle brand, they have had a journey that led them to be among the leading furniture brands in the market. Durian now wishes to cater to its masses and so manufactures 90% of its products in India, since 2011.

Buying online is not easy, but if done in the right way it saves lots of time, money, fuel and effort. ‘ ‘ entering this in the address bar of the browser and pressing enter will take you to one of the best furniture shop online. You can surf through the site and check out the varieties in each category along with the promotions available. I was checking for a recliner sofa and I found one. On clicking the item you’ll get to know the pricing details, EMI option with shipping options and a detailed explanation about the furniture. If you still have any doubts, you can dial the toll free number and chat with a customer care executive. They will help you in getting your query resolved. Furnishing your home is #JustAClickAway.

Tips on buying furniture online- durian
Tips on buying furniture online- durian

Also you can read the Terms or Offer / Sale, about the 5 Year warranty and other stuff before doing the purchase. Make sure you are checking about the assembling of furniture if you are buying something like a Bed and Durian provides you with Free assembling as well as Free shipping.

Made in India:
With the 11 India production facilities of Durian, they does their part in supporting our economy by providing business and employment to Indians. Local production makes the furnitures cost effective too. Durian is not just into home furniture, you can shop for your Office furniture too. Your dream office can be setup by shopping online, again save time, money, fuel and travel. Everything #JustAClickAway with additional support from the Durian toll free number incase of extra info/support needed. Shopping online has become so easy and transparent especially when you are shopping from a site like Durian.

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14 thoughts on “Tips on Buying Furniture Online – Durian

  1. My go to place for online furniture shopping has been Urban Ladder, but this too looks promising. I am in need of a console a new sofa, should check it out. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. I heard a lot of positive reviews about Durian Furnitures. We just bought a new house and we’re looking for some great suppliers to buy some furnitures. I’m glad that I found this blog.

  3. Buying furniture online is convenient and I’ll go for that option any day! I hate having to go around stores, checking chair upon chair. It can be tiring and I honestly don’t fancy it. What’s more, online shops offer great deals, if you search hard enough. Thanks for sharing!

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