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 When it comes to solo traveling, particularly for females, we need to have more discussions around their safety. There are additional risks associated with females traveling solo than males. Having said that, by no means it does mean that you should stop traveling.  Risks stand true regardless of the destination you are visiting. However, in some countries risks are low while in the other countries there are certain behaviors you need to adapt to, and precautions that you need to take to increase your safety. 

Stay connected 

First things first. Connecting does not mean only on social media. Keep your close friends, partner, or family members in the loop wherever you are travelling. It’s not possible to have an internet connection outwards or even have public Wi-Fi. Relying on free public Wi-Fi isn’t a good idea. Therefore, as a female solo traveler, you must purchase an international SIM card which offers not only data but also calling to your home country. You can buy one on arrival from the airport. This will help you stay in touch with your loved ones back in your home country all the time. 

Do not get wasted

You’re asking for trouble downright. Getting super drunk while traveling alone is never a good idea. You open yourself up to all kinds of problems. Rather, carry drinks to your hotel room and get wasted. 

Dress like a local

Though it’s highly debatable, at times it’s necessary to dress up like a local. Theoretically speaking, women should have the freedom to wear whatever they like, however, this isn’t realistic always. While you travel alone, you should blend in with the culture of the locals and that means you should dress like a local. This stands particularly true when you’re travelling to under developed or rural areas. 

Make sure that you cover your hair, wear long sleeves or loose clothes. It’s better if you do some research on the internet before travelling. Check what locals wear. You don’t want to draw attention to yourself on a vacant road.

Do not walk alone at night

In some countries like the US, Australia, England, it is absolutely safe to walk alone at night while in others like India, Nepal, it could be unsafe. Try to go out in groups is always better in such countries. 

Know the local emergency numbers

Do some search online and save all the local emergency numbers before you depart your home country. You can also ask the hotel staff for the same. The best case scenario is you’d never want to use them, but it’s always smart to be prepared beforehand.

That was the view from our balcony

Keep a dummy wallet and whistle 

Do not stuff all your valuables such as passport, credit card, etc. in the same wallet. Use a dummy wallet, also called a fake wallet that contains a bit of cash for food and cabs, and copies of your original documents. Keep the originals in your hotel room. Even if your wallet gets lost or stolen, you’d be ensuring the safety of your valuables. 

Another very important thing to carry in your dummy bag is a whistle. It comes in handy when you’re about to get attacked by local people or animals. 


Follow these easy-to-implement tips to travel safe, to ensure that you have a hassle-free trip, and give your inner wanderlust a chance to proper. 

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