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Its gonna be wedding season soon and many beautiful girls are gonna transform into beautiful brides. On the wedding day you need to look the most beautiful and special. The best makeup, the best dress, the best mehndi and the best of everything is to be selected for you.
You need to look fresh and glowing with a beautiful smile. The parlor sessions start a couple of months before, apart from the parlor session there are certain very simple DIYs by which you can gain glowing skin naturally.
Tips for glowing skin
  • Lemon and Honey: This works for me the best πŸ˜€ I can guarantee you that lemon and honey can make your skin glow. Apply lemon honey mixture on face and wash after an hour. It effectively cures sun tan, acne etc. . Also, drinking lemon and honey mixture in luke warm water every morning empty stomach shreds extra fat from the body. It forms a best fat free energy booster.
Β  Β  Β  Β PS: Lemon many not suit all.lemon and honey diet
  • Oatmeal milk and honey: Grind oatmeal and make a fine paste with milk and honey, Apply it on face for some time. You’ll find the best results with glowing skin when repeated daily. πŸ™‚Oatmeal Milk Honey
  • Girls with oily skin can try multani mitti face pack: You can make the face pack with either curd/honey/rose water/ coconut water and apply on face and neck area.
  • Find a perfect fruit pack which suits your skin type. For eg: fruit pack usingΒ Lemons, cucumbers, bananas, strawberries, tomatoes, kiwifruits, apples and oranges are best for oily sin. Dry skin beauties can use papaya, carrot, avacado, grapes etcarticle-2012123639081132891000
  • Drink loads of water, this helps to keep your skin fresh and healthy.
  • Cute and bubble Preity Zinta drinking water from aquafina bottle directly during  indian premier league (IPL) match co-owner of the cricket team Kings XI Punjab
  • Try to follow a skin care routine which includes pampering your skin twice a day. Find a perfect night cream and don’t skip applying them.elle-korean-beauty-products-10-step-skincare-regimen-routine
  • Use a scarf or umbrella when you go out in sun even though you have applied sun screen, BTW don’t think of going out without applying sunscreen
  • Never go to bed without removing the make-up. Not doing so will result in acne, pimples etc.C0A4A026633CE515FCA72C749EA41
  • Don’t try any experiment on your face two or three days before marriage. A new skincare/beauty product which may not suit you would harm your skin. A small pimple would cost you on the wedding day.
  • If you have sensitive skin, do check the beauty brands and products your makeup artist is using, and tell them to avoid the ones which doesn’t suit your skin.
Above all, stay away from tension, stress and always carry a smile πŸ™‚
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48 thoughts on “Tips for glowing skin for the bride to be

  1. Great tips! Though I’m already married haha for ten years! but I think these tips are great for anyone who wants to have great skin!

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