Tips and tricks for weight Loss

Weight loss is a fancy word and too tough to achieve for a foodie like me. Many of our new year resolutions list tops joining gym, jogging, dieting and the list goes on. More than 90% of us move back to our routine life after a week or maximum a month, afterall (Newyear) resolutions are meant to be broken 😛 

Below are few tips or for you if you are planning weight loss:

  • First and foremost don’t wait for new year or Christmas to start your fitness plan. Today is the best day to start.
  • Set a goal which is achievable and start with an easy work out plan.
  • Watch your weight. A minimum reduction of even few grams too will definitely motivate you.
  • Makeup a strong mind and beat your early morning laziness.
  • Follow a proper diet plan with a heavy breakfast, lighter lunch and dinner.
  • Include high fiber and protein in your diet. Avoid red meat, aerated drinks, alcohol and junk food. Now that’s hard but not impossible 🙂 
  • Drink a glass of luke warm water before your meal. This will reduce the amount of food you eat, in short increase the intake of fluid in your routine.
  • Start your day with a detox drink(here) instead of tea or coffee.
  • Fix a cheat day for your favorite food. The cheat day should be strictly to a maximum of weekly once.
  • NEVER STARVE! Don’t wait till you are hungry and starve for food. By doing so your craving for food increase and you tend to eat more.
  • Replace curd with butter milk, milk bread with whole wheat/brown bread, tea/coffee with green tea and fresh juices.
  • Finish your dinner early, never go to better soon after your meal.
  • Do not stock fried snacks or butter cookies, instead eat salads and sprouts and fruits.
  • It’s always the best to eat the fruits rather than extracting juice out of it and throwing away the fiber content.
  • Dine out should be strictly restricted to weekly once to the maximum. Ensure that you are not ordering any fried items.

These are few tips which I try to follow. List your weight loss tips in the comments below. 🙂 

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33 thoughts on “Tips and tricks for weight Loss

  1. Totally follow all the points.. Few additional points:
    Never crash diet or indulge in your favorite food(Even parathas or Pastry) once in a month so that you don’t crave it often.

    Avoid processed food(even Saffola oats and breads) as your regular meals, rather buy regular oats and wheat/brans flakes that you need to cook separately.

    Drink vegetable juices often, it helps your body detox.

    Stay happy 🙂
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