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All my childhood I have seen my mom complaining about the maintenance and repair works pending at home and about the technicians/mechanics who would never turn up even when she waits for them the whole day taking a day off from office. I never really realized that finding a technician for repair and maintenance work is difficult until I got married and settled in another city far from home. It’s quite an easy job to buy a household equipment, but the real pain starts only when you need a maintenance work on that.

I have stayed in 4 different cities including my hometown and the difficulty in finding a technician/mechanic is more or less the same. The same gets doubled especially when you move to a new place. I have had a lot of “not so good” experiences when it comes to technicians and mechanics. This one time, I had to wait for 2 long months to get the AC re-installed. I really wanted to call a local technician but you shouldn’t trust them as they could completely mess up the functioning of the AC especially when it is covered under warranty. I’m pretty sure a lot of people must have faced similar issues when it comes to getting things repaired.

Is there any quick-fix solution for this??? I guess there is!!!

Recently, we came to know about ‘Timesaverz‘ through a friend of mine. Thank God! Timesaverz is a one-stop destination for all your household services. They provide all kinds of services from cleaning, pest control, repairs, handyman jobs. They send a  team of reliable and really skilled service persons to your place to render the services required. We availed their service for the first time this summer and we are more than satisfied with the work. Finally, a one- stop solution for all your trouble causing home chores!

It is pretty easy to book a service through Timesaverz. You just need to select your city and service required, the best part is that you can decide the date and time for the service, unlike the usual technician for whom you need to wait for hours, or even days.

Once you fill in your mobile number you’ll receive an OTP and avail services.timesaverz
When we heard about Timesaverz we decided to try their service. We fixed an appointment to get our window AC serviced this summer. The technician visited us on time and we were really pleased with the hassle free service provided. We are planning to try their pest control service next.
Timesaverz– A solution for all the household service is a must for people like us who are way too busy juggling between our personal and professional life. They have their unit in almost all the metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Gurgaon.

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