Tiger Safari at Ranthambore Tiger Reserve

Hope you have read our previous posts on Ranthambore, Our New year Road Trip to Ranthambore and stay at Rajputana Heritage Ranthambore. The main attraction of Ranthambore is the Tiger Safari at Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. We got the time slot of 2:00 pm and since we were 8 people they told us to take the Big Canter(a mini truck). Safari booking can be done online while you plan the trip and that is best considering that only limited number of options are available per day in each safari Zones (there are 1 to 10 zones ) We had booked ours in zone 2 for noon 2 pm. Now, just online booking is not enough, to confirm your tickets you have to go to the office and pay some more money and submit a copy of Id cards specified during online booking and also a copy of the booking confirmation we received. Doing so the reservation is confirmed and the whole process needs to be done 2 hrs before Safari time. Our hotel guy helped with this process because of which we saved some time.2-DSC_0058

We got the big Canter for Safari which could accommodate about 20 people So there were 8 of us and some more people. The Canter ride was an experience in itself. Our safari started at 4:00 pm and we were allotted zone 2. It was one hell of an Off-roading experience, but it went well. Entering the abode of beautiful animals and birds and the main men said to be Tigers. The dense forest welcomed us with the naughty langur’s followed by some deer, black buck, and many more deer. The animals in their natural habitat look happy and confident while compared to the ones you see in Zoo. The total time taken for the safari was 2 -2:30 hrs including the pick-up and drop from the hotel we stayed.1-DSC_0070




Ranthambore forest is a natural habitat for lots of animals and we got to see some of those. The problem we faced was since it was weekend & Newyear, There were too many people on Safari. In other words, we can say that the forest was crowded with humans than animals which might be the reason that we didn’t get to see Tiger.





Some important tips while planning Tiger Safari:

  • Try to book in advance and if possible the morning slot.
  • As far as tiger spotting stories we heard, Gates 1 to 5 have more probability.
  • Try to see If you can get Gate 3. It’s supposed to be good with some beautiful scenes and more chance for tiger spotting.
  • Cover you face and hair while going for safari. We literally had a mud bath 😀

Reaching Ranthambore – You can either reach via road from Delhi or Jaipur or take a train to Sawai Madhopur Station from any of these places.
By Road, there are different routes. Try to go with the route with best roads.

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3 thoughts on “Tiger Safari at Ranthambore Tiger Reserve

  1. What a fun adventure this sounds like! While it’s a shame that you didn’t get to see a tiger, you still managed to get some super cool pictures. (That one of the owl is particularly adorable.)

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