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No matter how happy your life is there are certain people who can spoil your happiness. Those irritating neighbors.Phew!!! Whether you are staying in apartments, villas, independent house, whatever it may be you can find at least one such neighbor. No matter how hard we try to avoid them they act like Fevicol. I am sure you too have come across such annoying neighbors at least once. 😀

  • I would be really grateful if you could return back my money you borrowed b’coz when I ask you to return it I don’t want other neighbors to think that I am the one who is borrowing money..
  • I still wonder why do you send your kids whenever I am having guests, and BTW they have a bright  future as CID/ Spy
  • You don’t want to take your kids for shopping because they are uncontrollable or unmanageable, Then how am I suppose to take care of them. (I can never forget the list of valuables they have broken)
  • Do you practice ‘Dandiya’ with your utensils or are you really trying to wash it? it’s half past 12 and am trying to get some sleep..
  • And all those who are standing there in the entrance, I don’t want to know who all came to my house and who all left at what time, I will get information from my family.
  • Being religious is good, but please you can’t make others religious by playing/singing religious songs louderrr…
  • Could you please teach your cutie pie dog that barking unnecessarily is injurious to neighbor’s ear. Am trying to relax after hectic office hours ..
  • I gifted you artificial flowers hoping that you won’t ask my real flowers, I would like to see them on my garden rather than your flower vase.
  • We are health conscious so please don’t give us your experimented failure recipes. We can understand that it was a flop recipe adding extras in it won’t cover it up. 😛
  • You can talk about your dogs birthday party or tooth pain or hair fall problem but not when I am rushing somewhere.
  • The couples next door were planning for a baby, but after listening to your kid crying all day I think they are having second thoughts about it. 😀

    those annoying neighbors!
    those annoying neighbors!

Am not stereotyping the neighbors, but there are many who stood with us all the time like our family. They are the ones who are always stood by us whenever we needed support. Be a neighbor who others respect, love and trust rather than being a headache to the society. 

So what’s your experience with neighbors? 😉

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36 thoughts on “Those annoying neighbors!

  1. u know we have such annoying neighbours
    they throw the cigaratte butts to my balcony
    few days back we went ahead and warned them that if they dont stop we will give police complaint
    thats when they stopped
    how annoying rite 🙂

  2. neighbours can be quite annoying 🙁 few neighbours which were annoying had already left the place 🙂 I am happy 🙂 hehe

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