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Tell me honestly how many times have you wished you had more money? It’s not at all a sin to think so, because I am pretty sure even the richest billionaire in the Forbes list would be wishing the same. Our needs never ends, so does our need for money. Now a days it’s very relevant to be financially secured to live a happy life. Still there are lots of people who think that money cant buy every thing. Spare me in that thought. I firmly believe that 99% of my problems can be solved by money 😛 .

They say money cant buy :
• Manners: If you are rich you have to attend lot of social gatherings and can’t act like a retard, if not for real he should act like a well mannered person. make sense? 😉
• Respect: Everyone respects a rich person, mostly to be in their good books. Maybe not in vicinity(who cares about it 😉 ) but nobody actually disrespects’ them.
• Beauty: Seriously??  you all still believe in that. Maybe they haven’t heard about plastic surgery, Botox, hair spa, melanin treatment etc. Our bollywood divas are getting prettier year after year. 
• Good friends: Spend some money and the whole school wants to be your friends, even the principal. Don’t you remember it from your school days? Not true friendship though.
• Health: The only wise thing that Raakhi sawant said in her entire life was “Jo bagwan nahi de saktha who Dr de saktha hai” (A Dr can give you what God cannot). Maybe the doctor can’t give you eternal life, but with development of science you can at least extend it. If you have money you can still extend it a little further.
• Peace of mind: WHAT!!! Go pack your bag, travel wherever you want;exotic beaches, luxury spa, costly hotels who won’t bother you at all unless you ask so. Not only peace of mind, they are gonna pamper you too.
• Memories: If you have money you can make everyday a memorable one by doing your favorite things.
• Happiness: Maybe they haven’t known the relationship between shopping and happiness. Literally both are same.
• Love: Initially “thuj sang sookhi roti bhaaye” can be applicable in your life, but over the long run I think it’s not gonna work always. 😛

Maybe during ice age or pre historic era money didn’t mean anything, but presently it means a lot. Maybe you don’t want it, but you can make others happy with it. We must know how to make use of it in the correct way. A beggar can crib about being poor and a rich man can crib about being unhappy, it’s all about how we utilize it, so never under estimate the value of money. What money can’t buy is TIME, so make sure in your marathon to make money you are not missing your life.18mad
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35 thoughts on “Things money cant buy?????

  1. I agree with some of these! A lot of the relationships that money can buy are going to be superficial and only will happen with ulterior motives in mind. I’m sure those relationship will fall apart once it’s no longer beneficial to any party.
    With that said, I still wish I had more money! Lol

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