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Innovation the reason why we have electricity, telephone, internet, smartphones and what not. We should never stop innovating infact, we should innovate things which make our life easier. There are some recent products (patented & patent pending) which can be a boon to women. We felt undress & Pee-Buddy the best latest innovation for today’s women.

There are smart watches, health gadgets, safety gadgets, anti-rape dress and many more. But there were two products which we found very useful for women across the world in their daily life. Read on!

Theundress: Change Clothes in Public Without getting Naked

Women who goes out for jogging or  working out  can now change cloths using the undress without searching for a safe spot . This is good for people who travel a lot, especially to change dress when travelling in train, flight etc. This can also be used at its best when you go to a beach or a river side or an adventure.

You have to watch this video to know more

 This product can be pre-ordered now. They do international shipping too. You got good options to select from and price ain’t all that costly.

Website :
Pee-Buddy: ‘PeeBuddy’, a new device that helps Indian women urinate standing up to avoid dirty, public urinals

Its not easy to use public toilets. Be it India or anywhere, most of us are not comfortable  using a public toilet. This is where Pee buddy comes into picture. A very simple product priced reasonably.

Read more about pee buddy here –

This product is available in market and you can purchase them through Online stores like healthkart, amazon, snapdeal etc.

These two products are the best innovative for women, especially working class or the ones who travel a lot. These are not so costly, but very useful. ‘Undress’ is by a couple based in USA while ‘Peebuddy’ is by a Delhi based team.

These two products can definitely make women’s life easier and simpler. The world is changing, be the change.

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