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Technology is growing faster than anyone ever expected and because of this we hear about a new product daily from internet. Wearables have been around since sometime, probably over a year. I being a gadget freak was planning to take a look at them and eventually I got a chance this time. To start with, I was in dilemma, Should I go for a smart watch with fitness tracker etc or should I go for a fitness tracker? In the end I bought a Microsoft Band and read on for my experience using the same.

I went to a store and started my hunt along with the online reading I used to do. I made a intial impression about some products based on my discussions with the sales folks there. My list was as follows:

  • Moto 360 – A good stylish smart watch with a weak battery.
  • Pebble Series – The value for money smart watch with epaper display and 5days battery life (atleast 5days)
  • Asus Zenwatch – Another smart watch with not so good battery but value for money considering the features and price.
  • Microsoft Band – The health tracker band with call, email, sms alerts etc
  • Jawbone up – A smart wearable with No display.
  • Fitbit series – The market leaders in fitness trackers with different varieties with different features.

I am a windows phone user and among the few one of the smart wearable which supports windows was Microsoft band. Also it has some of the features of smart watch and all functionalities of a wearable.This thing is in demand and I was unable to get it from nearby stores. After quite a bit of search, I got one. It’s costly considering looks & design. Configuring the Microsoft Band was the easy.

the box pack
the box pack


the box pack
the box pack


Box includes charging cable & the band
Box includes charging cable & the band


Connected the band via USB to my computer and followed the steps written on the app and the band. The configuration part was done in 5mnts time.

Let's start
Let’s start



Configuring the Microsoft Band
Configuring the Microsoft Band

Now to use it, wearing this was simple, but it need to be worn in the inside wrist and the shape is such that it hugs the wrist. Also, you need to be a bit careful if you are not used to wearing a watch in your inner wrist. So I started using it by wearing it for 2 days. I used to remove it when I take bath otherwise it was always on my hand and the battery is good for 2 days if you use it a bit smartly. The screen is good enough for reading messages and emails. Also navigation was easy with the touch screen as well as using the buttons. There were different types of watch faces where you can choose whether date – time or time- steps, time – calories, time – heartbeat etc. You can keep the watch option on always (Battery consumption increases here) or keep it on only when the watch is not in stand by.

I like wearing this way
I like wearing this way


The best part was the fitness application in the watch and sync with the one in the phone. Microsoft health is one of the best fitness apps. It tracks you workouts, steps and even act as a personal trainer if needed. This option you wont get in all fitness trackers. Also I kept the sync option on always which means the battery consumption is towards the higher side. But still the battery went on for more than two days.

Pros of Microsoft Band:

  • Microsoft product.
  • Supports almost all Mobile OS (Ios, Android & windows).
  • Have heart beat rate tracker and also a good fitness guide application.

Cons of Microsoft Band:

  • The design is not all that good. Not comfortable wearing the same.

Verdict: Considering this is priced at $199 and comes from Microsoft Stable with the ease to use and well built Microsoft Health App (you can integrate with Runkeeper  too), This is a value for money product. Anyone who wants a full fledged smart band with basic smartphone functionalities, this is it.

The Knotstory tip: The band comes in three sizes (small, medium & large) Please measure your size before buying. You can do it following the instructions here :

Buy Microsoft Band here:

Microsoft Store:(here)


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