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Fashion trend keep changing every now and then. When the designers run out of idea they search from their parents old album to get ‘inspiration’ 😀 . Whatever fashion come and go there are some style that never changes, just like our traditional wear. Every community and region have their special traditional wear. I still remember the cultural programs in school where we used to dress up in traditional attire of each region of our country.  Our traditional wear depicts about our culture and custom. No matter how modern we are we still prefer ethnic wear on special occasions.

In Kerala it’s always been the famous kasavu saree(set saree). It’s basically a normal saree which is in white/ivory shade with a hand woven golden kasavu(border) across the saree. You get set saree from the traditional handloom stores as well as in the new textiles. Kasavu saree is worn by the Malayalee bride on her wedding day mostly when the wedding ceremony is in a temple.Kerala set saree

Apart from the normal saree there is also a 2 piece version of set saree which is called as vesti-mund which is quite like half saree. Here instead of the skirt in half saree, it’s  a dhoti. A mund (dhoti) is worn over a petticoat ( a skirt which is worn below saree) and the 2nd piece is worn exactly how you wear the pallu portion of the half saree. I bet every keralite owns a kasavu saree and a vesti-mund with beautiful golden borders. 

kerala set saree

Traditionally Kerala set-saree is made of handloom cotton and its mainly in white or ivory shade with golden border or simple color border which is usually worn by elder generation. Unlike earlier times, now the set saree comes in different fabric like silk, poly cotton, tussar silk etc.kerala set saree

During festival season or during special occasions we get to see quite a lot of  versions of Kerala set-sarees. When ladies wear Kasavu sarees, kids flaunt their  long skirt and blouse of same ivory and gold combination .

Earlier times set-saree used to be with plain borders,  now you can see mural art, embroidery, color print, zardosi work and different kind of designer work is incorporated in the traditional kasavu saree to give a trendy look.kerala set saree

kerala set saree

Best part of wearing a Kerala saree is that, it can go well with any kind of blouse. You don’t have to bother about  matching blouse. Even the extreme contrast blouse will look stunning when paired with kasavu saree.kerala set saree

kerala set saree

Any kind of jewelry goes well with Kerala set saree may it be traditional temple jewelry, silver jewelry, or trendy ornaments. Finally few jasmine flowers to adorn your head and there is the complete Malayalee look. Its the month of Onam- the harvest festival time in Kerala,  the time where you find every Keralite in their traditional wear. It’s also the perfect time to plan a vacation to Kerala 😀

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