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We have already told you about a love story that transformed into a fantastic idea, Happily Ever After(here). Also about the celebrity wedding featured by them (here)

Here is what Happily Ever After Films have to tell us: 

“Team Happily Ever After promise to transform your dream wedding into a reality. We know the best possible way to capture your love story, with your special love and uniqueness. We want to craft a story that is Oscar worthy.
Here is what we focus on:
Who are you?
What is your story?
How did you meet?
What made you think “forever”?
It’s like icing on the cake when the couple focus on their love journey 🙂 . We’ve got your back!! Your job is just to relax and focus on those memorable moments. 

NOW the question is are you ready? Get in touch with us today to start discussing your Happily Ever After story.

About the team
Our work is customized to your special event, and so is our team. We have a great team of 4 and a fantastic team of 20. We don’t believe that there is a need for a large team, as we feel it really affects the privacy of your special day, but we can bring as many people as needed to cover your wedding. While we’re estimating your wedding package, we recommend a photo and video team accordingly.

The Main hands behind Happily Ever After

Team Happily Ever After
From left- Riyas, Ria, Nithin: Team Happily Ever After

Nithin George- He paints with pixels when he isn’t busy running the company he works as a storyteller. He spends most of his time brainstorming the visual themes to help convert every story into a fairytale.

Ria Nithin- Every team needs a manager. She is one while simultaneously scheduling every act to ensure it runs on time and with excellence. Occasionally you can see here being the critic or the extra camera person 😀 .

Riyas- Don’t get fooled by his childish looks :D. He is very sharp when it comes to capturing the beautiful moments. He blends cinema style shots with your memories in a style that allows you to relive the magic and romance of your special day.”

They also have a great news to tell us. Happily Ever after which is just few months old got featured in ‘The Hindu’ Yay!

happily ever after

So, Are you getting hitched? What are you waiting for.. Get in touch with Nithin and team and start discussing your Happily Ever After Story…..Today!!!

Ph No:+ 91 8129595595


 PS: We will share their fabulous wedding shoots in the coming posts 😀


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