The Not so perfect couple – The story of every Couple

So, how many of you have thought atleast once that you shouldn’t have married him/her? You should ‘ve accepted the other proposal and today you would have been living happily. And choosing him/her was the wrong decision u made? I bet your honest answer will be yes, because that’s life. After every fight with your partner and post the crying session or gloomy mood or cold war πŸ˜€ , we always think that if it was not him/her our life would be so and so ..Truth is every couple who gotΒ married are members ofΒ Β “The Not so perfect Couple” club πŸ™‚

The Not so perfect couple
The Not so perfect couple

Β Do you really think that even if you had chosen the other person you will be living happily?? It’s a big NO. Irrespective of whom we are living with, our life will not be a bed of roses all the time, such is married life designed by the Almighty. Everyone has got their own positives and negatives. Nobody is perfect in this world, You might think that your friend / sister/ brother/ has got their perfect spouse. But why not Β me?? But that’s not true. Every couple has got problems in their life, some are smart enough to hide it in public and we assume that they are the perfect couple.

The Not so perfect couple
The Not so perfect couple

Β Stop comparing your spouse with others. They have got their on individuality, believe me custom made spouse can be really boring, its their indifference that makes our life lively. Having a perfect spouse means living a mechanical life, you will be happy with everything and eventually you will get bored. And who would want a boring life??? πŸ˜›

Sometimes we are so busy comparing our spouse with others that we often ignore the goodness in them. Just look closely, he/she is far better that the spouse at the next door πŸ˜€ . Just recall hasn’t he /she changed over the period of time for our sake (I meant in the good way).

The Not so perfect couple
The Not so perfect couple

We are not Gods to have a perfect life, so just forgive and forget, accept the way they are. Fight and argue but sort it out before you go to bed and for things which we cannot handle/control let it go. You can make your life far close to perfect, its up us to how we handle things. JUST LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY AND EXPECT LESS!!!!!

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61 thoughts on “The Not so perfect couple – The story of every Couple

  1. Nice and very true! we need to expect less and be happy and comparing spouse is the worst thing people can do in a relationship! Life partners are not shoes and dresses that needs comparison!

  2. He he reminds me of shaadi ke side effects! A very well written post, it is easy to fall in the what if trap and imagine how life would be if you were not married to your spouse.. πŸ˜€ It is really important to expect less and love unconditionally like you said πŸ™‚

  3. Great post! Every couple (married or unmarried) should remember this… We even have fights with diblings and parents, yet we continue loving them.. a spouse/better half is no different πŸ™‚

  4. Once again, great post… Although I am not married yet, but I cant help but wonder what it would be like after I do… Will I have the same freedom is an eternal question in my mind? πŸ˜›

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