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It’s a longtime since we wrote about marriage. It’s so long that, it has became a diary and we are going to make sure that we try to post atleast once a week. This is not just a post, but reality with some questions answered while plenty to be answered by our readers. 🙂 Why getting married?

It all started after 2010. They say that is how it is supposed to happen and God designed it that way. I was skeptical about that. It a’int same universally, there are differences about this across the world. We are talking about Holy Matrimony, the knot of life. How many of us are really serious about it? Me, I was a carefree vagabond who listens to some music, likes to roam around with friends do all adventure sports and live a carefree life. Gadgets, bikes, cars and the typical guys stuff. Weekends were all about meeting friends for a drink or going on long rides. Then there came the question of getting married. The question became a big topic for discussion in my family. The wisemen and women in my family started to speak. They decided to consult the Oracle which is the first step which happens in our family before planning for any function.

While these things were happening, I was busy planning my trip to Pune for a friend’s kids bday. Then I had a Jaipur trip in the pipeline followed by a plan for another one further north. Other than these, there was my regular job and hanging out with friends. Indeed it was a very packed schedule for me as soon as I moved to Delhi. I am sure many of you have faced similar situation. Have you ever asked the question, about marriage? What if we dont get married? Getting married is not so easy, nor difficult too considering the joint family culture in India and number of relatives. I had my reasons because of which I asked that question and my parents explained me in a way that I agreed to their idea over a period of time. So, the question still remains, Are you guys okay with the idea of getting married?

One thing, marriage is one of the best thing which happened to me and which changed my life in a good way. There are things beyond understanding which we will understand only after we get married. The love we see in a teenager and the love which happen between married people are different in one way, former is more of fancy life while the later is reality and reality is not always colorful or sweet, but its raw. There is the feeling of responsibility, togetherness and the unconditional love and trust. I am not an ambassador of marriage, but this is team knotstory and our beginning is about relationships, love, family and getting settled. Believe us or not, destiny will take you there.

Send us your reasons, answers or If it is a story, send us the same and we would love to hear from you and post your ideas through us.

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16 thoughts on “The Marriage Diary – Why getting married?

  1. U get married to have a companion and a witness to all d milestones of ur life. I feel..Life is incomplete widout a steady companion. People dese days have moved to more modern set ups like live in, open relationships, multiple relationships fr life.. but none of dem has d beauty which marriage brings in. Yes, for many marriage might be a burden. Marriage becoms mundane, tedious, burdensome wen all u do is think about ur own happiness..try making ur bettr half selfless.. marriage wil bcome takes lot of effort every single day.. and yes.. marriage is not fr everybody..

  2. When it comes to marriage i am very unsure..I dont know..I somehow run away from the responsibilities .. yours is a lovely story btw 🙂

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