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Owning a home is everyone’s dream, Owning a home in a Metropolitan city like Mumbai is truly a dream come true. Choosing the perfect location is very important when you reside in a metro city. Factors like connectivity, infrastructure, price, safety are mainly to be thought about when you decide the location. Malabar Hill is one of the favorite residential location which every Mumbaikar dream of, the posh and the most luxurious residential area which has all the amenities that are a must have in the modern living. Project Serein by TATA Housing in Pokhran Road II is like the Malabar Hill of Thane.
Serein is India’s first Wellness home with the best amenities like pet park, nature trail, lotus pond, forest boardwalk, park, sandpit, outdoor dining, skating area, organic farm, outdoor convenience store and much more. What else is more refreshing than enjoying your morning tea with a hill view and chirping of birds. Wellness at Serein, Pokran Road 2 is gonna give you exactly the same experience. Thane has been recently included in the list of Smart Cities which will ensure all the facilities required for a residential area.

After a day’s hard work we expect to come back home and relax. Home is the place where everyone should find happiness and to make this happen, the design plays a very important part. Air circulation has a very crucial role and Serein apartments are designed in a way that it gets the all North Western winds to cool the indoor spaces. Also, there is Air purifier in the living room which is a very important thing in the coming days. The high quality glass used in windows and doors keep the external noise level entering from outside to a minimum and there by keeping an ultra quiet interior. Also, the entrance to the apartment building is having a green carpet which makes it more eco-friendly and beautiful once you enter. Modern amenities and eco- friendly design makes Serein a class apartment to opt for making it Homes that make a legacy.1

Serein by Tata is like Malabar Hill with views and natural beauty at a distance which consists Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Yeoor Hills and the majestic Upvan lake in Thane and also the movie theaters nearby is a perfect abode for a family. When we say Home, apartments like Serein literally mean it. Apart from the amenities and all things the spacious rooms and well designed buildings make it a perfect place.2

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