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Living and lifestyle are two mutually exclusive things. A house is a need while a home is a dream; a dream which is the result of planning, preparation, selection, right attitude and more. Not all houses can be called home, a home is special. What is a dream home like? Well, I have a concept for my dream home.

The Plan:

I am from southern part of India from a state called Kerala. I used to live in my ancestral home which was close to 150years in Age. I do not have any pictures of the same with me, but I have the blueprint right inside my head. Its a house with good ventilation, enough space, water management and what not. These houses are known as Nalukettu. The traditional architecture is typically a rectangular structure where four halls are joined together with a central courtyard open to the sky. The four halls on the sides are named Vadakkini (northern block), Padinjattini (western block), Kizhakkini (eastern block) and Thekkini (southern block). The architecture was especially catered to large families of the traditional tharavadu, to live under one roof as a joint family. My plan is to build a house based on the Nalukettu architecture with all modern amenities with best way to save resources and conserve energy and support nature.

My dream home
Photo of a Naalukettu
My dream home
Naalukettu – Another view

 image courtesy: wikipedia

The Interiors:

The Interiors will be the naalukettu style interiors with lot of wood work. The wood work will be having carvings which depict stories based on mythology. There will be a small courtyard inside the house, In traditional Kerala architecture its known as Nadumuttam (which means central courtyard). This place will not be having roof and in rainy season or when it rains this place will store the water (rain water harvesting) which will be channeled to be used in toilets.

My dream home
Nadumittam Design by Monnaie Architects/homify

The Kitchen:

I will go for a kitchen which will be a mix of classic with all modern amenities and easy access. This will be also helping saving space. Y0u can even call it  minimalist kitchen.

My dream home
Dream Kitchen

The Lighting :

One big advantage of this architecture is it provides ample lighting with positioning of windows and nadumuttam etc. Above this, Led lighting with mood based illumination will be used. The whole electrical appliances will be controlled using tablets with the help of Nest or similar technologies & applications. This is to ensure that energy is not wasted anywhere.



Toilets will be using Toto accessories with the electronic toilet seat from toto. The hand wash will be above flush which will ensure the water is not wasted at any time. Also the technology used by TOTO toilet seats ensures only right amount water usage and a handsfree wash in a wet toilet (much needed in India).

My dream Home
The Award winning Toto Toilets


Bathroom should be a class apart.Hence I prefer a Bathroom design from Kohler with Water saving fixtures like low-flow shower heads, faucets or faucet aerators that use less water.Also, I would love the Home spa design integrated with the water saving bathroom.  At last, it’s a dream home and everything should be pointing to that perfect dream house.

My Dream home
Kohler Toilet Design

Backup & Energy Saving: Rooftop Solar panels will be installed which will be the source of electricity or backup electricity. Apart from this a organic garden and some trees will be near the house to provide a cooling effect.

Like I said, anybody can build a house for all it requires is necessary stuff but a home is made when the right amount of emotions, love, planning etc are involved while building a house.You can look up the different styles and find more inspiration on

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4 thoughts on “The Dream Home – My Concept

    1. @Lana – This was written from a broader perspective, highlighting the places where we can save some energy, water etc. Bedroom and many other things, comes under the Interiors option and there is not much big changes there. 🙂

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