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Not everyone has the awareness of the importance of being vegan, but those who do – they’re doing it right!

With your big day approaching, we’re assuming you aren’t planning to bail on your vegan convictions which means you’ll have to dedicate some time and put some extra thought into planning your vegan wedding properly and beautifully. And sure, preparing a vegan meal you and your fiancé is easy, but serving food and drinks everyone at the wedding will enjoy just as much as you do is no piece of cake. However, with our little tutorial that will touch upon not only food but other wedding aspects, too – you’ll have everything ready and perfect for your W day!

So, shall we?

Makeup and Hair

While makeup generally isn’t a challenging aspect of a wedding (you go for the makeup artist you trust and you are settled), doing makeup for your vegan wedding may be a bit tricky. Most makeup artists use regular cosmetics and makeup, with no sensibility of or sensitivity for the animals. Prior to booking an appointment with your makeup artist of choice, make sure they use organic products that are cruelty-free. If you can’t find anybody using this sort of makeup, you can always either offer to educate them on the matter and suggest products to buy or use your own makeup kit for the big day (but rely on their professional skills).

The same drill applies to doing hair; cruelty-free brands are your only option, so make sure your hairstylist is aware.Vegan Wedding Ideas


Whoever is animal-cruelty aware knows their shoes well. Finding a pair of vegan wedding shoes won’t differ from buying any other pair on regular days, for both you and your hubby. Materials to avoid are silk, suede and leather and make sure you look for an “all man-made materials” label. If your budget allows it, you can look into some higher-end all-vegan shoe retailers for utmost stylish models.

The Food

Here we come to the tricky part! Finding a good caterer for a “regular” wedding is a no brainer, however – when you are all-vegan, you need to look a bit harder.

Most guests are accustomed to being served foods like meat dishes and variations to such; so, when opting for your wedding menu, have in mind this may be most of your guests’ first experience with vegan food, which is why you need to go an extra mile and pick meals that are both filling and delicious.

These days, most event catering services can accommodate a vegan wedding, but the ability of caterers to produce a terrific vegan meal will vary wildly. Prior to actually booking a service, schedule a sample tasting to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. If there are some specific dishes you love, don’t be afraid to suggest them to your catering company. They’re professionals and probably won’t have a problem to make anything.Vegan Wedding Ideas

The Wedding Cake

Most cakes are made with plant ingredients, anyway – but, to be absolutely sure, do your search based on recommendation for the vegan-friendly bakeries around your home town. The amazing people working on various recipes will probably offer you a range of options and tastes that will blow your mind!Vegan Wedding IdeasVegan Wedding Ideas

Plus, you can make things even more fun and, apart from the wedding cake, add some desserts, too! The growing trend for dessert bars is super cute, and including vegan cupcakes and cookies is a delicious way to make your guests super happy (and full!).

We hope our suggestions helped and that you’ll have a gorgeous vegan wedding your guests will be talking about for years to come!4702094c-9b8d-402c-8ce7-68d85bbf271f

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