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Winters!! Beautiful sky, clean roads and you can feel the chill in the wind. Tokyo, the most populous city in the world houses the most mannered people also I think. You cannot understand who is the boss here, until somewhere approvals are required. Everyone works the same way, talks with respect and each and every one is hardworking.

This weekend we had a barbecue party. It’s the first barbecue party I am attending here and hence I was excited & curious. ย I reached the spot and I was able to see lots of other groups out there getting their grills ready. This is a place close to ย a small river, infact on the bank of the river.

The most important thing was that everyone reached on time, starting with the big boss. He leads by the way while others came on time started their respective tasks as per planned. The plan was to reach the venue by 9.00 am and start preparation so that by 11.00 am, cooked stuff will be ready and we can start hogging. There were beer and more beer ๐Ÿ˜€ . People here drinks and they like people drinking with them. Conversations and more conversations, mostly not work related and that is important.

Another thing is cleanliness! They don’t get a servant for cleaning instead they need to do it on their own. So everyone is ready to do cleaning. Be it work or leisure. The party plan had a ruleย which says “Cleaning starts from 3.00 pm onwards”. From the beginning, everyone was keeping the empty cans, bottles and other wastes in different waste bags named, 1.Paper Waste 2. Non-Combustible 3. Cans 4.Food Waste

The respective waste bags were disposed in waste collection area. When the party was over, all of us cleaned the place, returned the stuff and started our return journey. I was happy, got to meet so many awesome people and ย an achievement unlocked, one thing from wishlist done ” I drove a Harley Davidson” Yaaay! ๐Ÿ˜›

Tokyo Diaries
Tokyo Diaries

People here are serious about what they say and what they do. They are punctual and also systematic. If you plan to visit Japan any time do remember, we cannot be like them but we can atleast try learning somethings from them. ย The difference between us and them? Swachh Bharatย Abhiyan (Campaign Clean India) is our need, a clean India will make us a better country in the world. Someone initiated it, we can show our support by doing our bit.

Learning a new culture is the most difficult thing, especially when the culture is too different, but learning some good things from a culture is never difficult. I liked the party I attended because I love to learn and understand different culture. Everything was organized properly, all were equally responsible for doing the work & most importantly we all enjoyed the party. One of the best experiences in my Japan trip.

PS: Just realized I was busy hogging that I don’t have a single pic of food ๐Ÿ˜

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18 thoughts on ““The Barbecue” Party Culture – Tokyo Diaries

  1. There is a reason why every day in our country is full of struggle, no one’s systematic and no one gets the concept of being responsible towards the surroundings/society they live in.

  2. Great post. I guess if we ask guests here to clean up their plates after they had eaten up then nobody would ever visit us again. But the idea is unique and and should be applied everywhere. Its kinda like self-service.

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