That unforgettable wedding trip – When attending a wedding includes exploring a new place: Travel review

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It’s good when you get a chance to see new places especially with your friends and dear ones. Some trips may not be a planned tour, eventually they will become a tour. Many times I have faced situation where I go to attend a wedding and end up enjoying the place, people, food, culture and while coming back you will be thinking, next time I will come and stay for a longer time. When weddings happen in beautiful places, you get to explore those places even if that is not in your list. ‘That unforgettable wedding trip’ 🙂 i am talking about that here.

That unforgettable wedding trip
That unforgettable wedding trip – St. Mary’s Island in Udupi

Some people say it is your destiny when we tell about those unplanned still awesome things which happens in our life, some other says you are the Luckiest. I ain’t denying both, my experience is how you take an opportunity. For instance I got a chance to attend a wedding, a friend’s wedding in a place I haven’t been before. Now this wedding happened in a place in Karnataka with beautiful beaches, cheap hotels and awesome food combined with best friend and his family who treated me as one of them 🙂

That unforgettable wedding trip
That unforgettable wedding trip – Awesome cuisine 😀 check the seafood 😉
That unforgettable wedding trip
That unforgettable wedding trip – Awesome Dosa’s and they are cheaper than the ones you get anywhere else.

Udupi, this place is close to 60Kms from Mangalore known for Krishna Mutt (Temple of Lord Krishna). This place has got some beautiful non-polluted beaches too. I had a nice time there checking out the beaches and yes, I went to the temple too 🙂 I loved the food, the Dosa’s and other vegetarian food and my favorite was the seafood there, tasty, spicy,Cheap and yummy 😀

This is how my plan happens 😀

Step1: Make up my mind – To attend or not to attend the wedding.
Step 2: What is my financial status, am I having enough to plan it? Is any other friend joining in?
Step 3: Wedding cannot be missed, let it be a small vacation.
Step 4: Pack your bag, Ready steady Po..(bookings should be done if you like it in the most relaxed way)
Step 5: Read about the place and things to do.
Step 6: Attend the wedding and enjoy with your friends.
Step 7: Unleash the traveler in you, start exploring the place, tasting their local cuisine & check out the local attractions. 🙂

Step 2 gives us enough motivation for the next steps 😉 . Be it finance or company, both are equally important. In my case, i have explored so many places like this. This is awesome experience or in other words That unforgettable wedding trip 🙂
Have you ever got a chance to explore a place when you went to attend weddings?

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60 thoughts on “That unforgettable wedding trip – When attending a wedding includes exploring a new place: Travel review

  1. St.Mary’s Island has been on my list since quite some time…Just that I have heard it is extremely hot and humid there…but I guess we have to brave the heat for such beauty 🙂

  2. All that food is making me hungry!!! I havn’t yet had a chance to attend any destination wedding, but I do like travelling and exploring new places… have a South India trip lined up for later this year 🙂

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