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Thank you all for the awesome support! We are 2 years old now! Thank You!!!!

We have a long story of our own about Theknotstory 🙂 We will publish that some day. We started this blog because many times we found that you have to search a number of blogs to find anything related to the family . Hence we started theknotstory, to share everything  from relationships to settling down 🙂  . In our journey, we had good times and bad times. Some good decisions were made, some changes were made and it was an experience. After two years when we look back, we are happy to see people following us, reading our posts, asking questions and supporting us. You are our strength and motivation.

On this second anniversary you should tell us is there any category which you think we should start writing? Let us know and we will do what we can 🙂

There is a surprise coming for you guys. So do check our posts and stay tuned on twitter, facebook and  instagram … 😉



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26 thoughts on “Thank you for your support

  1. Heartiest congratulations to entire TKS team, you guys are doing a fabulous job. I really like reading your posts as they are unique and intriguing ! Keep up the good work, wish you many success laden years ahead, God bless.

  2. Ohh I am pretty late.. but better late than never isnt it .. first thing many congratulations.. 2 years is a long time n i will hit that button soon.. i think ur blog is one of a kind as the articles are not as what i as a beauty blogger wud write.. u shud write abt food may be 😀 Keep going.. ♥♥

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