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I can count on my fingers the number of times we had been to a pure vegetarian restaurant  😀 . We being hardcore non-vegetarians always prefer non-vegetarian restaurants. Today, it’s about a pure vegetarian restaurant, a Gujarathi / Rajasthani one infact. Recently we happened to visit ‘Thaalvadi restaurant’ in The Great India Place Mall, Noida. We often visit GIP(Great India Place) and have tried almost all the restaurants in there, a few left out were obviously pure vegetarian restaurants 😀

It was a weekend and the restaurant was packed. We had to wait for few minutes for the table. Once we got seated, here comes the huge steel plate and it got occupied with a variety of vegetarian, dishes (I don’t even know the names of many of the dishes

There were all type of crowd in this place.It is not so big, not so small too. Furnished with a bit of Gujarati style interiors. One thing we noticed was the waiters in there communicated by claping hands or making sound with hands and not by shouting. The way they make us wash our hands is awesome, traditional style. You get a different feeling there 🙂   After washing our hands they took our order, yeah! Two Thali’s. The big plate came followed by waiters coming and filling the Thali with more and more dishes.

 The items I remember in the thali were: 2 types of dal(including a sweet one), kadi, a mixed veg dish, a potato gravy, a paneer dish, dhokla, pickle, khichdi, dalbati churma, steamed rice, nan. phulke, puri, papad, salad ( I’m sure I’ve missed out some) . For dessert there were Yummy Gulab jamun, jalebis and phirni, not to forget the butter milk 😀 . The waiters do ask you repeatedly whether you need anything. The food tasted good especially the dal.

1-thaal   Like we said above, one of the interesting thing we saw in thaalvadi is the way the waiters bring the hand wash. There was no finger bowl instead the hand wash was in the traditional way. Look at the pictures below: 3-10474779_683896215037749_7815057583081303766_n   The thali served was unlimited and service was good enough but can be better.After the lunch, we were completely stuffed and it was difficult for us to move 😀 The thali was not so costly. Considering the quality and quantity, this place was awesome. Even though the ambience was not all that good. Overall we liked the restaurant and for core non vegetarians like us it was a nice experience 😀 I am sure, this is a place which every vegetarian should go and give a try.

 We would rate them: 3/5

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