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It’s almost winter and it’s that time of the year when we tend to have more cheat days 😀 . We do invest our time in workout and gym but our all time favorite pastime during winters is watching movie/football sitting in our couch with a bowl of popcorn or chips along with a yummy dip. Yeah that’s what we are during most of the winter weekends.

We are foodies and the more we try to eat healthy the more munchies we will have; 😛 alteast twice a week.
I get bored of munching the same old snacks, so I keep searching for something new and fresh. Have you ever thought of a diverse range of chips from root vegetables other than the same old potato? Have you ever thought of crunchy, yummy and colourful bits of happiness? That’s exactly what TERRA adventure is all about. Terra Real Vegetable chips – A wide range of root vegetables transformed into a super crunchy snack. Its time for a new dip which can do the magic.



Let the magic begin —-

Eggs: 2 Nos
lemon: half a lemon
Oil: 250 ml
Thinly chopped vegetables(carrot, cucumber, onion): as per serving a table spoon each
Sweet & Spicy tomato sauce(optional): as per your taste
Salt: as per taste

In a mixer jar add eggs, lemon, little salt and turn on the mixer.
Keep adding oil little by little until semi thick mayonnaise is formed.
Transfer the mayonnaise into a bowl and add chopped veggies and mix well.
A teaspoon of tomato sauce will give a the Zing ( you can avoid this step and make just a mayo dip)02-dsc_0013

The dip is ready and it’s time for peth pooja. Mr. Husband is already busy reading the Terra Chips catalogue and probably short listed the order in which he want to start the attack. 😛
Terra Real Vegetables Chips are an explosion of colors, textures, flavors and tastes made out of real vegetables. Add a yummy dip and you keep on munching – munching and munching until the last one is done. They are unique with different texture for each type of vegetable. Flavor and taste are something which have blended well. We tried the same vegetable chips in two different flavors.

One with Sea salt and another with Herbs & a Mint of lemon. Both had their own unique feel and trust me it ain’t easy to stop eating them.
His favorite is the naturally blue potato it seems since he was focusing mainly on emptying that one and helped me in finishing the others later. 😀  I liked the red ruby dipped vegetables and also sweet potato a lot 😀

We tried three different packs.
1) Original – This one had chips made from 5 different vegetables
2) Blues – This is the Naturally blue potato chips
3) Mediterranean – This one also had chips made from 5 different vegetables (same one as the first option) but with a different flavor.15-dsc_0018

Unlike the normal chips we get, this is gourmet sacking and good for occasions where you would want to serve something special for your guest. Terra Real vegetable chips are gluten free and also not genetically modified making it a healthy snacking option. You can even make a salad with these and serve it to the guest (we love munchies so no salad) or even serve them as a side during lunch or dinner. This packet of yumminess can be served to people of any age group and they are going to love this a lot. Another smart usage is when you are having a house party, instead of ordering snacks/starters from outside, you can actually have Terra chips. They are less oily compared to the french fries or any other starter and made from real vegetables. The next time we are travelling somewhere, we will ensure we have enough Terra chips to keep us busy throughout the journey, yeah as a travel partner you see.07-dsc_0895


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3 thoughts on “Terra Real Vegetable Chips with a quick mayo dip

  1. Those chips sound delicious and look so beautifully colorful! It is said that the more colorful the produce, the more health benefits it provides, so perhaps you could pass this off as a nutritious snack after all. 😉

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