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It’s a long time since we came across a good movie, a movie worth reviewing. We had been to a special screening of Talvar, a thriller based on a very renowned murder case in India. The screening was on last Sunday morning, still I wanted to watch it and went there before time. I didn’t want to miss a bit of the movie considering the plot, the actors and the direction of Meghna Gulzar.


The movie started with the scene of a murder case and the investigation proceedings which happen as part of that. Every character in this movie has uniqueness. They have their own importance even if it is a maid or a watchman. Every character has a style which we can never forget, for these are the common men you deal with in your daily life. The movie soon unveils the harshness of an investigation and the aftermath’s. The movie takes you to the grim reality of a family who lost their dear one, unable to mourn because of the investigations and other judicial proceedings. Talvar is not about the family, It is about the judiciary; The Sword in the hand of the mascot of Judicial system. We normally see the mascot of justice as a blind folded lady holding a balance, but we never notice the Sword in her other hand. Talvar movie shows us the sharpness of that sword and not the balance.

The movie takes a real life incident as an example and showcases how good/bad an investigation can be done. It shows the intricacies involved in Crime Scene Investigation and about evidences & their management. The movie starts as a normal story which suddenly catches the pace with the introduction of Irfan Khan. After that the movie keeps you in a state where you will start thinking about the news you read about the case and was that actually the truth. You will actually start thinking about the investigation which happened then and how it was done. Talvar is a crime thriller which make us think we knew about it because of the name, but will leave you in a state of shock.


Irrfan khan, Konakana Sen Sharma and Neeraj Kabi’s performances were outstanding. There is a Class Bollywood actress too, but you won’t see her in the posters even though she is having an important role in the movie. There are many more actors who come and go but does leave a mark in our mind. A movie is perfect when it is a perfect blend; Talvar is a movie which will leave you in a state of shock and makes you think about many things which we believed without knowing proper facts or without asking right questions. It’s about the condition of a family, about the judiciary and about Justice in whole.

This is a must watch movie for all especially who are aware of the case and the verdict. The story line of this movie is not the exact story, but there are some good arguments which highlight the differences between what is right & what is not.  Talvar is a beautifully crafted movie with a good story line, right pinch of emotions and a good star cast driven by the brilliance of Meghna Gulzar’s direction.

Watch the Trailer here


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