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You’ve seen that ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ show, you know how choosing a wedding gown can be a painstaking business. And once that’s off your shoulder, another task comes in, and that’s finding the perfect Cinderella slippers. The style, the occasion, will it match with everything, what colour should they be, there’s so much to consider.

Since I’ve been myself in the same situation and learned a lot from it, I decided to spare you the hardship and share my check list and tips with you. Prep you feeties for the perfect bridal footwear. Here we go.

The choice of material: The two most frequently used materials are satin and silk, but that doesn’t mean you have to abide by any shoe law on your day. Choose something that goes well with the dress (a touch of lace, for example) and has your name written all over them. If you opt for a funky dress, what better opportunity than to match it with some avant-garde textured stilettos. Make a unique choice (like yourself) and wear them with pride!

Superior guide for bridal footwear
Superior guide for bridal footwear

Colour preferences: If white is your first choice for the wedding pumps than you’re in luck since there are so many beautiful shades out there to pick from, such as ivory, cream and silver white. Make sure they are of the same or similar tint as the gown.

On the other hand, if you’re not the traditional type, the choices are numerous. You can pick your favourite colour, something you identify with. I had the most beautiful forest green, velvet, Mary Jane-inspired heels and they just stole the show. You can do a little DIY and dye them to match your friend’s dresses or encrust them with gems at the back. Try not to overdo it and create a messy effect.

Superior guide for bridal footwear
Superior guide for bridal footwear

Killer heels or practical flats: The best advice I can give is to follow the habits you had so far with footwear. That means if you’re one of the lucky ones that can wear them all day without trouble, you should pick such type of shoe for the wedding day.

However, if sky-high heel is not getting along with your feet and you generally wear flats or French heels, perhaps you should think twice if you want to experiment on the big day. Anyway, if you choose to go bald, you can always keep the spare flats in your purse.

Comfort above all: We all adore a good pair of shoes, but will they tide us over from morning till the end of the reception without giving us the excruciating experience? Quality bridal shoes are carefully designed to be extra comfortable with a padding added inside. Don’t be stingy about your special day and invest in a pair that has this feature installed. Also mind that your foot should be stable and unwavering in them.

Location and season: A romantic or informal sandy beachside wedding ceremony demands the type of footwear to get along with the scene. Some of the suggestions are summery wedges, simple sandals or even elegant thongs. If your wedding is taking place in the winter time, select a classy pair of ankle boots. Always mind the setting of the event.

50 shades of white: If we learned anything from the black and blue dress mystery is that our eye and brain can trick us and make us see different swatches under a specific light. If you have selected a white dress, try to get a sample you can carry with you for close comparisons. Silk is more dirty white in hue but satin is mostly bright and has a bluish sheen.

Superior guide for bridal footwear
Superior guide for bridal footwear

Let’s dance! If you decide to honor the good ole David Bowie with a dance routine at a wedding party, you will most certainly need a pair of comfy shoes. They don’t even have to be too elegant, as long as they are anatomic and serve the purpose.  You’ll definitely need it if your culture has a specific dance that involves a whole lot of footwork.

Recycling potential? Wedding shoes are a great item to save for kids. Alternatively, you can give them a new, practical role by doing a paint job. Cover them in some neutral colour, black or brown perhaps, if they have a simple design. Now you can use them for anniversaries and have a great trip down the memory lane.

Superior guide for bridal footwear
Superior guide for bridal footwear

Now that you have all the necessary information at hand, there’s only left for you to deliberate. Get your perfect shoes!

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3 thoughts on “Guide for bridal footwear

  1. This was such a helpful guide! Shoes can really make or break an outfit, but at times it seems that they fall out of consideration during bridal wear conversations because of dress talk.

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