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A good sleep is what you need after a tiring day. Sound sleep is a luxury for many of us. Lack of sleep may be due to many reasons like stress, sleeping on odd timings, work etc. Other than these even an uncomfortable mattress can steal you sleep. When we talk about mattress there are many brands which easily comes into our mind. There are also plenty of local made mattresses available across the streets in every city.
Why is it necessary to select a perfect mattress for you? Well it’s not just for a good sleep, but a uncomfortable, low quality mattress can ruin you health as well. Back pain is the most common health issue most of us face and out of ignorance or carelessness we do not to invest in a good mattress even after suffering from severe back ache. Yes, we were one among them but not anymore.We have been searching for a good quality mattress for quite some time. Our previous experience on buying a mattress was not good even though we invested quite a lot of money.  So this time we were cautious and took our time to find a god one. After a lot of search on the store as well as online we found out Sundayrest .com , an online mattress store. Don’t you guys think the name itself says it all 😀

Sunday mattress is a budding online store which who have their service across India including metro cities like Bangalore,Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune etc.
Sunday mattress is available in two models – Sunday Latex Plus mattress and Sunday Ortho Plus mattress. Sunday Latex plus mattress has a long 10 year warranty period. These are medium firm mattress, not too firm or too soft. They have back and spine support which is really important for someone who is suffering from backache. We have been victims of severe back pain because of the low quality of  mattress we use, inspite of being one of the best known brand for mattress.

Sunday latex plus mattress support side back or tummy sleeping postures, which is great. Another great feature of Sunday mattress which we found is the 100 nights return policy. This facility is something which most of the mattress company do not provide. You got 3 long months to test and return the mattress if you are not satisfied with it. How cool is that!product-01_grande

Sunday mattresses are made of superior quality latex which comes from Belgium. To fix the springy feel of latex they have custom-poured the foam to get the medium firmness.Unlike any other mattress brand Sunday have made sure that the fabric cover and the latex used in the mattress adhere to international guidelines and benchmarks100-nights_grande

Another thing which strikes us is the ease to use their website. Open the website, select a mattress and all the details are in front of you. When we browsed  their customer service executive was ready to assist us with a live chat, they answered our queries on the quality of the mattress and also delivery and return queries within no time,  that’s what we expect from an online store. Sunday mattress is definitely going to make some noise in the mattress industry. We have already ordered ours!

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2 thoughts on “Sundayrest : The online mattress store!

  1. Pathetic service, i have reviewed them on there FB page and on there website after having issues with their mattress and they have removed my comments and blocked me and my wife from commenting on their Facebook page. When my wife posted the review on there website they moved that review deep down below on the reviews page so that people don’t read it. By this you can get an idea how big fraud they are, using some cheap quality material and then Looting people’s money. They don’t post the bad reviews at all so that people think it’s the best mattress in the world, but thank god they can’t remove the reviews from Google.
    I have barely used the mattress in last 1 year as me and my wife were out of town for around 4 months and we have used it with most precaution and care and only for 8-9 hrs a day and we are only 2 people in the house, then also this piece of crap is deformed and these guys claim to be best in the market. They called me and said every company has same policy or warranty and when i asked why the quality is not same then there is no answer. They are asking me to pay 25% of current MRP to get my mattress replaced, which again might create issue. They claim to be aggressively priced because there quality is too low and they will earn more money through warranty claims. Increased 3k in a one year time.
    Guys humble request if you want your money to be a good investment and want peace of mind then please don’t buy this mattress, don’t be fooled by the +ve reviews on there website and FB as they remove/don’t post -ve reviews. I doubt all those 5* reviews could be there family and friends.
    DON’T BUY….
    It’s your product issue why should i pay for a manufacturing defect, i have already paid the full amount which is not less its was around 34,000 rupees, then again you want me to pay 25% of it when there is no fault of mine, should i stop sleeping on the mattress to keep it intact and make it a show piece? And in which world the product value depreciate at this pace 25% in one year and on the 366 day it 40%, you guys are crazy!! What is the guarantee that the mattress will not deform again and you won’t ask for more money? You guys are a big Fraud and just want to make money by hook or by crook…

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