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Soda Bottle Opener Wala (SBOW) is one of our favorites when it comes to Parsi food in Delhi. SBOW is not one of the places where you go daily for lunch or dinner, but an offbeat place where you would love to go with your loved ones and just enjoy the Bawa specials like Bun Maska or the Kheema Pav like a good Dikhra. So, Soda Bottle Opener Wala is coming up with a Weekend (Sunday) breakfast which is quite an exciting news for Parsi food lovers.

I have been a huge fan of Parsi food since the day I was in Pune. I used to drive all the way from Baner to the Parsi hotel near Jahangir hospital at morning 6 am just to have the Irani Tea, Bun Maska & Cheese Omelette along with Bawa’s churi stories 🙂 When I heard about the breakfast in SBOW, that was the first thing which came to my mind.

Last Sunday we woke up early and rushed to SBOW for a quick breakfast meet with like-minded foodies. We started with the welcome drink, the Irani chai 😀

Irani Chai at SBOW

We needed a point to start the breakfast and what better way to start than a glass of champagne and the Bun Maska. The champagne was one of the finest with the right sparkle and the Bun Maska, as usual, a single bite did the magic.

Bun Maska with Sparkling wine

After Bun Maska, it was time to taste the Chicken Cheese Pav and Chicken Buna Sandwich. The chicken Cheese Pav was good with just the right amount of cheese yet not too fatty in texture. While Chicken Buna sandwich was loaded with flavor with the crispiness of the grilled sandwich. Then came The classic Vada Pav and Akori Pav.

Chicken Cheese Pav and Chicken Buna Sandwich
classic Vada Pav
Akori Pav

While our stomach was getting the first glimpse of heaven, Our eyes were searching for that “Egg dish” to be ordered. We ended up trying the Meaty Poro and Poro in Goa. Meaty Poro is for the meat lovers who love the hardcore protein hit of eggs, bacon, and ham.

Meaty poro with sparkling wine
meaty poro

Poro in Goa is Omelette with the ultimate Goan chorizo flavor which keeps reminding you of the beaches and food there. The Poro in itself is a complete meal that came with a loaded Omelette with sides of boiled vegetables, potato wedges, beans, and bun.

Poro in Goa

When you have too much food, the first thing you look for is to remove the sleep factor, caffeine is what we needed at that time:D. That was the moment we got to know about the cold brews served by SBOW. We tried all of them and the one I loved the most was the Hazelnut Nitro Brew. The Star Anise & Mandarin Nitro Brew with a mild Star Anise flavor is what Laks liked the most. Lime and Cinnamon Nitro brew is for those who love the cinnammon flavour. While the coffee triggered the wake-up alarm there came the three musketeers, the Desserts.

The Star of the day- cold brews

Parsi Diary Kulfi was the first serve and as expected it was divine. Along with the Kulfi, we also tried the Mawa cake & Ice cream. The Mava cake was super soft, the Icecream combo made it just perfect. The best one was kept for the last. Apple crumble with custard sauce, Man! It hardly took us hardly a minute to finish it :D.

The desserts served at SBOW

I didn’t mean to review the dishes but every word I wrote about this brings back the emotions I had in the morning after the Bubbly Bawa Breakfast. The icing on the top was the wonderful group of foodies. The breakfast became happening with more fun, laughter and food talks!

If you like to have a lazy Sunday breakfast or a breakfast date, SBOW is the best option, Bubbly Bawa Breakfast is just for INR 500 (Including 2 glasses of champagne per person)

 So the menu options of Bubbly Bawa Breakfast looks like this:

Champagne – Two Glasses per Person

For the Vegetarians:
Bun Maska
Fresh Fruit Plate
Panchan Puriwaa ki Puri Bhaji
Chilli Cheese Pav
Raasta Sandwich

For the Non-Vegetarians
Bun Maska
Fresh Fruit Plate
Chicken Cheese Pav
Anyone Egg dish From the Menu
Chicken Bhuna Sandwich
Apple and Pear Crumble with Custard
Parsi Dairy Khulfi
Mawa Cake and Ice cream

Also, this is available at all Soda Bottle Opener Wala outlets, across India. So, next time you know where to go when you wake-up on a Sunday morning and think about a special breakfast. Go to Soda Bottle Openerwala and get pampered with the yummy Bawa special breakfast spread.

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