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Sunday came a bit early, Yawn! I am thinking of a productive sunday which sounds a oxymoron to many people. This is the day when the house work needs to be done especially the repairs part. Sunday guests at home doesn’t mean actual guests, read for more.

Guest 1: 8:30am
Saab, Paper ka bill.
Me: dude, Why are you coming so early?
Saab, Aapka chutti hain, mera nahin.

Lesson: Sunday working folks exist and always remember this.

Guest 2: 9:30 am
Guest 2: Aapka pipe ka complaint tha.
Me: Yawn! Okay, aajao
My sleep gone, totally gone.

Sunday evil – Save water, minimize water usage & wastage.

Guest 3: 11:00 am
Wife : Movie kitne baje ka hain?
Me: 11am
Wife: can you check the tickets?
Me: yes, it is 10:30am
Panic Attackkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Weekend only the morning first show is cheap rest all is cost and there is n point spending. But if you love to sleep, then spend more on movie.

Guest 4: 3:00 Pm
We need to go to the mall.
Me: I got to watch the match at 5:00pm
She: You and your match. #$#$$)#$*(*
Me: Okay fine, so are we going?

Weekend mall visit is a must for a peaceful week ahead.

OMG, I need to run and get some pending home work done. Yawn!


Sunday guests at home
Sunday guests at home

Irrespective of how lazy we are, Sundays are not always lazy especially if we are married. And there is one time when you don’t have to get up, that is when the maid rings the bell and you see wifeyΒ murmuring about the same.. LOL…Yes, that i love.. πŸ˜€

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