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Today we are gonna share with you guys a wedding eye makeup tutorial by make up artist Gursimran. She is Punjab based and for more details do check her facebook page : 

Over to Simran:

1)  Wash, Tone and Moisturize:


Clean your face before applying any makeup. Follow the procedure to WTM ( washing, toning, moisturising ). Scrub your face atleast two days before your big day for a smooth flawless coverage.

2)    Prime:

Make sure to use an eye primer as it helps eye shadow from creasing, helps it last longer and basically from it disappearing mid-day. Every girl wants to look the best on their big day

3)    Conceal:


To cut the dark circles we go with a green concealer instead of orange. Conceal the entire under eye and blend it. Make sure the concealer isn’t too heavy as it can make your under eyes look cakey. Above picture depicts before and after concealer blending.

4)    Foundation and base: IMG_8741

Foundation your face and use the same to cover your eyelids as well. Then use an eye base. Here i have used M.A.C eye base.

5) Eyeshadow:

– Start with Highlighting under your eyebrows. Do not go extreme, go half eye just beneath your brows.

– Use golden eye shadow on your entire eye lid. Blend it roughly. I am using colorbar palette golden shade to cover the lid topping it with make-up studio golden eye shadow for more shimmery effectIMG_8744

-Use brown shimmery eye shadow on the crease and outer lid and blend any sharp lines.IMG_8747

-Then using a darker brown shadow just on the outer crease blending it with small strokes. Also placing a black shadow on the outer crease just on top of the darker brown and blending slightlyIMG_8750

-Blend the inner corner and upper half of the crease with same highlighting shadowIMG_8751

-Line your upper and lower lid using waterproof liquid eyeliner. Finishing it with kajal application on both upper and lower waterline for a more deeper effect.IMG_8754


6) Final touches:

Have a look at both your eyes. Do they look alike?  Increase or decrease your liner or see if your eyes need a bit more blending. Finish with fake lashes and waterproof mascara and voilàIMG_8758



Final Result*



Finish and prepare your entire face and get ready for the wedding 🙂



Gursimran – Makeup Artist

Contact: +91 9779490557

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