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 If you are born poor its not your fault. But if you die poor its your fault. Like Bill gates said, this should be applicable to your life too.. No No No this post is nothing related to financial planning or anything related to it. Just replace the word ‘poor’ with ‘ugly’. Let your Husband worry about all the financial matters and let us concentrate on how to look beautiful(we are already)  😀 . Now who wouldn’t want a beautiful wife. So its not only for us we are spending money to look beautiful its for them as well. 😛 Stay beautiful and you will be a charmer forever. 😛

 Mostly they say that beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, inner beauty is best etc. But tell me honestly, suppose you are going to be introduced to a  stranger will the inner beauty of the person catch your eyes first or his\her looks?  Obviously it will be external beauty. No matter how much we lie that “oh i am fine with how I look”, deep inside you want to look beautiful or attractive.

 I respect those who take good care of themselves to look pretty. You cant make fun of them for the effort they are taking just because your are jealous . No one is perfect, few might have perfect body, perfect skin , perfect smile or perfect hair. If u have all of it then you are a goddess.  And as usual, things to remember are :


 Its never too late, start now and do take care of yourself.

  • Understand the problem area like whether its hair, skin or body weight etc.
  • Dr or Beauticians wont come to your home to take care of you, unless you are a celebrity or millionaire or you know them well.
  • Even if you are lazy to go to a beautician there are a lot of DIY tips and tricks in Youtube/ Google which can be really helpful. (Among them herbals are always best)
  • If not for you at least to make your enemies jealous try to look beautiful. 😛
  • Your so called ‘friends’ will never admit that they are taking care of their skin even if you find them beautiful all of a sudden.
  • For heavens sake at least once in a leap year change your hair style. Your husband is too sacred to give you suggestions because you might start asking nagging question like “ am I not beautiful anymore”?
  • 30+ doesn’t mean that you have to live an auntyji’s life. It’s is the time you can wear what you like. You don’t have to be answerable to your parents or in laws (unless its not vulgar) 😉
  • When you look beautiful it will definitely boost your confidence.
  • Take special care when your going to functions. You are not Kapil Sharma (I love comedy nights with Kapil 😛 ) or Sandhya beendhini (one of the sanskari bahu of hindi serial ) to attract others with your jokes and sanskar.
  • If you think why should I get dressed up nobody is going to notice me then you are wrong because MEN will always be MEN.. hi hi hi.
  • And please understand that looking beautiful doesn’t mean putting loads of makeup on your face.

    Stay Beautiful - Where to start
    Stay Beautiful – Where to start

 Precisely all I want to say is that find out your problem zone like hair fall, dandruff, dark circle , pigmentation, acne or whatever it may be  take effort to get rid off it.  I know you’ll start your mission today itself and after one week please read this post again else I know what’s gonna happen… we all are lazy!! 😛 😛

Stay Beautiful - Where to start
Stay Beautiful – Where to start
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62 thoughts on “Stay Beautiful – Where to start

  1. Lovely post…i love taking care of myself n i spend lot of time doing this:D…n my mum scold me for this and always says ki ‘sasural m kya krogi’ 😀

  2. u know everybody should take out a little time to look presentable…..i always take out 10 minutes in the morning to apply a kohl and lipstick is not about masking my natural beauty or is about looking well groomed…disheveled hair, dirty clothes and female mosutaches are not nice and it is time evry lady takes efforts to groom herself 😀

  3. I agree. Being beautiful is about what is on the inside, yes, but the way you actually LOOK really does matter too. It’s a myth that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. What’s on the inside counts yes, but the cover itself matters too. I loved your tips for looking beautiful.

  4. Ha ha ha.. lovely post.. Am contemplating on a hairstyle for my curly hair.. My friend from Korea calls it noodles hair.. However I style it, its gonna look the same.. but surely planning a makeover 😛

  5. He he he..loved reading this, my Mil also takes great care of her appearance, you are right there’s no excuse to not take care of the way we look.. poor husbands they’d never dare suggest a change of any kind of style..a new hair cut certainly makes one look younger 😉

  6. awww so well written.. beauty is in simplicity bt nw a days a little touch of make up is a must… yes one needs to make an effort to improve on oneself after all it is for YOU and not for others.

  7. Totally agree, hun!
    Take care of yourself should be a rule for every girl! It doesn’t means you became less smart just beacause you have a smooth skin or beautiful hair!
    And to look pretty doesn’t means just to cover all with make up, as well! 🙂

  8. I think that if some people don’t want to take some extra time to make themselves presentable then they have no right to judge those of us who do care about what we look like. It makes us feel good and I think that’s what matters..

    xo Jules

  9. This was a very interesting read, men will always be men and my man forces me to go for a short haircut and chop my waist length hair, I really think he’s mad 😛

  10. Even if I am lazy ..I didn’t stop reading because I am moody too! When i look after my skin and myself I am too involved but when I skip things then I do it too religiously! interesting read Jini! yeah we all lazy at times!

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